radiansToDegrees - method of BigNumber in bignum.h[169]
raiseToPower - method of BigNumber in bignum.h[209]
rand - global function in tadsgen.h[219]
RandomEventList - class in misc.t[1207]
RandomFiringScript - class in misc.t[917]
randomize - global function in tadsgen.h[183]
rangeMax - property of ShuffledIntegerList in misc.t[1552]
rangeMin - property of ShuffledIntegerList in misc.t[1551]
rankByActorSpecified - object in parser.t[5923]
rankByAllExcluded - object in parser.t[5922]
rankByAmbiguity - object in parser.t[6077]
rankByDisambigOrdinals - object in disambig.t[273]
rankByEmptyBut - object in parser.t[5921]
rankByEndAdj - object in parser.t[5926]
rankByIndefinite - object in parser.t[5927]
rankByInsufficient - object in parser.t[5919]
rankByListForSingle - object in parser.t[5920]
rankByLiteralLength - object in parser.t[5980]
rankByMiscWordList - object in parser.t[5924]
rankByMissing - object in parser.t[5929]
rankByNonMatch - object in parser.t[5918]
rankByNonMatchPoss - object in parser.t[5947]
rankByPluralTrunc - object in parser.t[5925]
rankByPronoun - object in parser.t[5930]
rankBySubcommands - object in parser.t[6013]
rankByTokenCount - object in parser.t[6037]
rankByTrunc - object in parser.t[5928]
rankByUnwantedPlural - object in parser.t[5932]
rankByVerbStructure - object in parser.t[6057]
rankByVocabNonMatch - object in parser.t[5917]
rankByWeakness - object in parser.t[5931]
rankingCriteria - property of DisambigRanking in disambig.t[295]
rankingCriteria - property of CommandRanking in parser.t[6292]
Readable - class in objects.t[1447]
ReadAction - class in actions.t[1785]
readBytes - method of File in file.h[365]
readDesc - property of Readable in objects.t[1454]
readFile - method of File in file.h[322]
readingEventScript - global function in browser.t[185]
readingScript - global function in browser.t[177]
readInt - method of ByteArray in bytearr.h[127]
readMainCommand - global function in input.t[797]
readMainCommandTokens - global function in input.t[1049]
readSettings - method of WebUIPrefs in webui.t[2393]
readyForTurn - method of Actor in actor.t[9049]
readyTime - property of DelayedAgendaItem in actor.t[5630]
RealTimeDaemon - class in events.t[1233]
RealTimeEvent - class in events.t[1136]
RealTimeFuse - class in events.t[1168]
realTimeManager - object in events.t[870]
RealTimeSenseDaemon - class in events.t[1283]
RealTimeSenseFuse - class in events.t[1202]
rearAbandonContentsLister - object in msg_neu.t[5001]
RearContainer - class in extras.t[927]
rearContentsLister - object in msg_neu.t[4993]
rearDescContentsLister - object in msg_neu.t[5012]
rearInlineContentsLister - object in msg_neu.t[5057]
rearLookBehindLister - object in msg_neu.t[4997]
RearSurface - class in extras.t[1035]
rearTooFullMsg - method of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3185]
recalcSenseContext - method of Action in action.t[1531]
recalcSenseContext - method of senseContext in pov.t[75]
receiveDrop - method of Thing in thing.t[3895]
receiveDrop - method of Floorless in travel.t[4821]
receiveFileSelection - method of webMainWin in webui.t[2999]
receiveFileUpload - method of webMainWin in webui.t[3040]
receiveInput - method of WebCommandWin in webui.t[2057]
receiveInputDialog - method of webMainWin in webui.t[3159]
receiveInputEvent - method of webMainWin in webui.t[2813]
RecordAction - class in actions.t[1385]
RecordEventsAction - class in actions.t[1443]
RecordEventsStringAction - class in actions.t[1457]
recordFile - property of scriptStatus in actions.t[1138]
recordingCanceled - property of libMessages in msg_neu.t[978]
recordingFailed - property of libMessages in msg_neu.t[968]
recordingFailedException - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[972]
recordingOkay - property of libMessages in msg_neu.t[962]
RecordOffAction - class in actions.t[1465]
recordOffIgnored - property of libMessages in msg_neu.t[984]
recordOffOkay - property of libMessages in msg_neu.t[981]
RecordStringAction - class in actions.t[1448]
redirectLoc - property of NetReplyEvent in tadsnet.t[234]
redrawWinHtml - method of MenuTopicItem in menucon.t[782]
reduceDefinite - method of DefiniteNounProd in parser.t[2086]
reduceDefinite - method of DisambigPossessiveProd in parser.t[3122]
referencedGoals - property of Hint in hintsys.t[381]
referralPerson - method of Actor in actor.t[6220]
reflectionObj - property of mainGlobal in _main.t[1196]
reflectionServices - object in reflect.t[21]
reflexiveNotAllowed - method of TentativeResolveResults in action.t[3843]
reflexiveNotAllowed - method of playerMessages in msg_neu.t[1871]
reflexiveNotAllowed - method of BasicResolveResults in parser.t[4830]
reflexiveNotAllowed - method of TryAsActorResolveResults in parser.t[5763]
reflexiveNotAllowed - method of CommandRanking in parser.t[6468]
ReflexivePronounProd - class in parser.t[1531]
refreshTopMenuBanner - method of MenuItem in menucon.t[486]
refuseCommand - method of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3515]
refuseCommandBusy - method of playerMessages in msg_neu.t[2109]
registerGlobalRemapping - method of GlobalRemapping in exec.t[747]
registerPreParser - method of StringPreParser in input.t[890]
regList - property of StringPreParser in input.t[941]
regListSorted - property of StringPreParser in input.t[944]
reInitializeLocation - method of MultiLoc in objects.t[2634]
RelativeDirection - class in travel.t[139]
releaseDate - property of GameInfoModuleID in modid.t[348]
remainingStr_ - property of TokErrorNoMatch in tok.t[56]
remapAction - global function in exec.t[1448]
remapAction_ - property of VerifyResultList in verify.t[684]
remapActionCreate - global function in exec.t[1486]
RemapActionSignal - class in exec.t[1353]
remapDobjProp - property of TAction in action.t[3618]
remapIobjProp - property of TIAction in action.t[5183]
RemappedActionAnnouncement - class in report.t[466]
remappedFrom - property of Action in action.t[534]
remappingOrder - property of GlobalRemapping in exec.t[661]
remapRole_ - property of VerifyResultList in verify.t[685]
remapTarget_ - property of VerifyResultList in verify.t[681]
remapTo - macro in adv3.h[404]
remapVerify - global function in exec.t[1368]
rememberCircularPassage - property of TravelConnector in travel.t[1227]
rememberCircularPassage - property of DeadEndConnector in travel.t[2257]
rememberKnownKeys - property of LockableWithKey in objects.t[4120]
rememberLastDoor - method of Actor in actor.t[6653]
rememberTravel - method of Actor in actor.t[6661]
rememberTravel - method of TravelConnector in travel.t[1173]
remoteDesc - method of Thing in thing.t[2247]
remoteInitSpecialDesc - method of Thing in thing.t[1463]
remoteRoom - property of RemoteRoomLister in msg_neu.t[4460]
remoteRoomContentsLister - method of Thing in thing.t[3305]
RemoteRoomLister - class in msg_neu.t[4448]
remoteSpecialDesc - method of ActorState in actor.t[4213]
remoteSpecialDesc - method of Actor in actor.t[6052]
remoteSpecialDesc - method of Thing in thing.t[1212]
RemoveAction - class in actions.t[1767]
removeActorNotifyItem - method of Actor in actor.t[8493]
removeAmbigFlags - method of DisambigProd in parser.t[618]
removeBanner - method of BannerWindow in banner.t[237]
removeBanner - method of bannerUITracker in banner.t[618]
removeBanner - method of bannerTracker in banner.t[899]
removeBanner - method of statuslineBanner in console.t[275]
removeClient - method of webSession in webui.t[283]
removeCurrentEvent - method of BasicEventManager in events.t[411]
removeDirectory - method of FileName in filename.h[311]
removeElement - method of LookupTable in lookup.h[38]
removeElement - method of Vector in vector.h[241]
removeElementAt - method of List in systype.h[1085]
removeElementAt - method of Vector in vector.h[196]
removeEvent - method of BasicEventManager in events.t[351]
removeEvent - method of Event in events.t[645]
removeEvent - method of RealTimeEvent in events.t[1158]
removeFromAgenda - method of Actor in actor.t[6953]
removeFromContents - method of MultiInstance in objects.t[3153]
removeFromContents - method of Thing in thing.t[5409]
removeFromNested - method of NestedRoom in travel.t[5796]
removeFromNested - method of BasicChair in travel.t[6387]
removeFromNested - method of BasicPlatform in travel.t[6657]
removeFromNested - method of Booth in travel.t[6779]
removeMatchingEvents - method of BasicEventManager in events.t[375]
removeMostRecent - method of BagAffinityInfo in thing.t[421]
removeObjectNotifyItem - method of Thing in thing.t[7710]
removeOutputFilter - method of OutputStream in output.t[322]
removeRange - method of List in systype.h[1095]
removeRange - method of Vector in vector.h[207]
removeRoomNotifyItem - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3976]
removeStatusLine - method of MenuItem in menucon.t[557]
removeSuggestedTopic - method of TopicDatabase in actor.t[941]
removeTopic - method of TopicDatabase in actor.t[926]
removeTopicFromList - method of TopicDatabase in actor.t[963]
removeTopMenuBanner - method of MenuItem in menucon.t[538]
removeWord - method of Dictionary in dict.h[144]
renameFile - method of FileName in filename.h[238]
renderAfterInput - property of ParagraphManager in output.t[482]
renderText - property of ParagraphManager in output.t[476]
reparseMatchAsTopic - method of TopicActionBase in action.t[5588]
repeatAction - method of Action in action.t[178]
repeatAction - method of SpecialTopicAction in actions.t[2048]
replaceAction - macro in adv3.h[1454]
replaceActorAction - macro in adv3.h[1461]
ReplaceAll - macro in systype.h[916]
ReplaceAll - macro in tadsgen.h[693]
ReplaceFollowCase - macro in systype.h[918]
ReplaceFollowCase - macro in tadsgen.h[695]
ReplaceIgnoreCase - macro in systype.h[917]
ReplaceIgnoreCase - macro in tadsgen.h[694]
ReplacementCommandStringException - class in parser.t[7025]
ReplaceOnce - macro in systype.h[920]
ReplaceOnce - macro in tadsgen.h[697]
ReplaceSerial - macro in systype.h[919]
ReplaceSerial - macro in tadsgen.h[696]
ReplayAction - class in actions.t[1500]
replayCanceled - property of libMessages in msg_neu.t[991]
ReplayStringAction - class in actions.t[1545]
replyBody - property of NetReplyEvent in tadsnet.t[202]
replyHeaders - property of NetReplyEvent in tadsnet.t[208]
replyHeadersRaw - property of NetReplyEvent in tadsnet.t[218]
reportAfter - macro in adv3.h[1370]
reportAutoClose - method of AutoClosingDoor in travel.t[3056]
reportBefore - macro in adv3.h[1362]
reportFailure - macro in adv3.h[1385]
reportOrderTransform - object in report.t[1264]
reportQuestion - macro in adv3.h[1392]
reports_ - property of CommandTranscript in report.t[1238]
req - property of ClientEventRequest in webui.t[776]
reqTimeout - property of ClientEventRequest in webui.t[784]
requestEvent - method of ClientSession in webui.t[493]
requestID - property of NetReplyEvent in tadsnet.t[171]
requestObj - property of NetReplyDoneEvent in tadsnet.t[259]
resetAction - method of Action in action.t[169]
resetAction - method of TAction in action.t[3073]
resetAction - method of TIAction in action.t[3936]
resetAction - method of TopicTAction in action.t[5790]
resetItem - method of AgendaItem in actor.t[5574]
resetIterator - method of Iterator in systype.h[196]
resetLine - method of SpecialsToHtmlState in _main.t[1149]
resetResolver - method of TopicResolver in action.t[6352]
resetResolver - method of Resolver in resolver.t[53]
resetState - method of SpecialsToHtmlState in _main.t[1138]
resExists - global function in tadsio.h[220]
reshuffle - method of ShuffledList in misc.t[1518]
resInfoTab - property of ResolvedTopic in action.t[6310]
resize - method of WebStatusWin in webui.t[2675]
resName - property of DownloadTempFile in webui.t[3405]
resolveAction - method of Action in en_us.t[8149]
resolveAndReplaceAction - global function in exec.t[1056]
ResolveAsker - class in parser.t[312]
resolveConsultTopic - method of Consultable in objects.t[1641]
resolvedActor_ - property of CommandProdWithActor in parser.t[872]
resolveDefinite - method of DefiniteNounProd in parser.t[2008]
resolvedObjectsInScope - method of Action in action.t[925]
resolvedObjectsInScope - method of TAction in action.t[3402]
resolvedObjectsInScope - method of TIAction in action.t[4511]
ResolvedTopic - class in action.t[6117]
resolvedTopicNothing - object in action.t[6319]
resolveFirst - property of TIAction in action.t[4107]
resolveFirst - property of BurnWithAction in actions.t[2463]
resolveFirst - property of LockWithAction in actions.t[2515]
resolveFirst - property of UnlockWithAction in actions.t[2526]
resolveFirstAction - method of FirstCommandProd in parser.t[725]
resolveFirstAction - method of CommandProdWithDefiniteConj in parser.t[1055]
resolveFirstAction - method of CommandProdWithAmbiguousConj in parser.t[1140]
resolveFirstEmpty - property of TIAction in action.t[4119]
ResolveInfo - class in parser.t[345]
resolveLiteral - method of literalPhrase(string) in en_us.t[7179]
resolveLiteral - method of literalPhrase(miscList) in en_us.t[7209]
resolveLiteral - method of literalPhrase(empty) in en_us.t[7229]
resolveMainPhrase - method of QuantifiedPluralProd in parser.t[2232]
resolveMainPhrase - method of IndefiniteNounProd in parser.t[2432]
resolveMainPhrase - method of IndefiniteNounButProd in parser.t[2559]
resolveMainPhrase - method of ExactQuantifiedPossessivePluralProd in parser.t[3050]
resolveMessageText - method of MessageResult in exec.t[1620]
resolveNouns - method of IAction in action.t[3014]
resolveNouns - method of TAction in action.t[3253]
resolveNouns - method of TIAction in action.t[4145]
resolveNouns - method of LiteralAction in action.t[5262]
resolveNouns - method of LiteralTAction in action.t[5315]
resolveNouns - method of TopicAction in action.t[5732]
resolveNouns - method of TopicTAction in action.t[5802]
resolveNouns - method of actorBadCommandPhrase(main) in en_us.t[5153]
resolveNouns - method of nounList(terminal) in en_us.t[5236]
resolveNouns - method of nounList(nonTerminal) in en_us.t[5248]
resolveNouns - method of nounList(list) in en_us.t[5259]
resolveNouns - method of nounMultiList(multi) in en_us.t[5292]
resolveNouns - method of nounMultiList(nonterminal) in en_us.t[5305]
resolveNouns - method of nonTerminalNounMultiList(pair) in en_us.t[5330]
resolveNouns - method of nonTerminalNounMultiList(multi) in en_us.t[5345]
resolveNouns - method of exceptList(single) in en_us.t[5362]
resolveNouns - method of exceptList(list) in en_us.t[5371]
resolveNouns - method of exceptNounPhrase(singleComplete) in en_us.t[5388]
resolveNouns - method of PrepSingleNounProd in en_us.t[5464]
resolveNouns - method of PrepSingleTopicProd in en_us.t[5483]
resolveNouns - method of completeNounPhrase(miscPrep) in en_us.t[5560]
resolveNouns - method of possessiveAdjPhrase(ppApostropheS) in en_us.t[6775]
resolveNouns - method of mainDisambigPhrase(main) in en_us.t[7289]
resolveNouns - method of disambigPhrase(all) in en_us.t[7319]
resolveNouns - method of disambigPhrase(both) in en_us.t[7330]
resolveNouns - method of disambigPhrase(any) in en_us.t[7345]
resolveNouns - method of disambigPhrase(list) in en_us.t[7368]
resolveNouns - method of disambigPhrase(ordinalList) in en_us.t[7382]
resolveNouns - method of disambigList(single) in en_us.t[7397]
resolveNouns - method of disambigList(list) in en_us.t[7410]
resolveNouns - method of DisambigOrdProd in en_us.t[7424]
resolveNouns - method of disambigListItem(noun) in en_us.t[7497]
resolveNouns - method of disambigListItem(plural) in en_us.t[7513]
resolveNouns - method of disambigOrdinalList(tail) in en_us.t[7549]
resolveNouns - method of disambigOrdinalList(head) in en_us.t[7564]
resolveNouns - method of FirstCommandProd in parser.t[731]
resolveNouns - method of CommandProdWithActor in parser.t[824]
resolveNouns - method of CommandProdWithDefiniteConj in parser.t[1036]
resolveNouns - method of CommandProdWithAmbiguousConj in parser.t[1108]
resolveNouns - method of LayeredNounPhraseProd in parser.t[1294]
resolveNouns - method of SingleNounProd in parser.t[1310]
resolveNouns - method of SingleNounWithListProd in parser.t[1338]
resolveNouns - method of TopicProd in parser.t[1371]
resolveNouns - method of PronounProd in parser.t[1399]
resolveNouns - method of ReflexivePronounProd in parser.t[1532]
resolveNouns - method of EverythingProd in parser.t[1614]
resolveNouns - method of ButProd in parser.t[1668]
resolveNouns - method of PreResolvedProd in parser.t[1875]
resolveNouns - method of PreResolvedAmbigProd in parser.t[1907]
resolveNouns - method of DefiniteNounProd in parser.t[1997]
resolveNouns - method of AllPluralProd in parser.t[2174]
resolveNouns - method of DefinitePluralProd in parser.t[2208]
resolveNouns - method of QuantifiedPluralProd in parser.t[2245]
resolveNouns - method of IndefiniteNounProd in parser.t[2438]
resolveNouns - method of PossessiveNounProd in parser.t[2988]
resolveNouns - method of PossessivePluralProd in parser.t[3013]
resolveNouns - method of ButPossessiveProd in parser.t[3061]
resolveNouns - method of DisambigPossessiveProd in parser.t[3080]
resolveNouns - method of ContainerNounPhraseProd in parser.t[3159]
resolveNouns - method of VagueContainerNounPhraseProd in parser.t[3343]
resolveNouns - method of NounPhraseWithVocab in parser.t[3882]
resolveNouns - method of EmptyNounPhraseProd in parser.t[4038]
resolveNouns - method of EmptyTopicPhraseProd in parser.t[4276]
resolveNounsMatchName - method of NounPhraseWithVocab in parser.t[3912]
resolvePossessive - method of BasicPossessiveProd in parser.t[2795]
resolvePronounAntecedent - method of InteractiveResolver in en_us.t[3373]
resolvePronounAntecedent - method of DisambigResolver in en_us.t[3444]
resolvePronounAntecedent - method of Resolver in resolver.t[205]
resolvePronounAsTargetActor - method of InteractiveResolver in en_us.t[3414]
Resolver - class in resolver.t[31]
resolver_ - property of CommandProdWithActor in parser.t[875]
ResolveResults - class in parser.t[41]
resolveTopic - method of TopicActionBase in action.t[5523]
resolveTopic - method of TopicResolver in action.t[6478]
resolveTopic - method of TActionTopicResolver in action.t[6540]
resolveTopic - method of ConvTopicResolver in action.t[6560]
resolveUnknownNounPhrase - method of TopicResolver in action.t[6489]
resolveUnknownNounPhrase - method of Resolver in resolver.t[696]
resolveUnknownNounPhrase - method of ActorResolver in resolver.t[994]
resp_ - property of UnmatchedDisambigException in disambig.t[507]
resPath - property of DownloadTempFile in webui.t[3406]
respondingActor - property of conversationManager in actor.t[466]
responseChar - property of finishOptionQuit in en_us.t[7904]
responseChar - property of finishOptionRestore in en_us.t[7911]
responseChar - property of finishOptionRestart in en_us.t[7918]
responseChar - property of finishOptionUndo in en_us.t[7925]
responseChar - property of finishOptionCredits in en_us.t[7932]
responseChar - property of finishOptionFullScore in en_us.t[7939]
responseChar - property of finishOptionAmusing in en_us.t[7946]
responseChar - property of restoreOptionStartOver in en_us.t[7953]
responseChar - property of FinishOption in misc.t[2101]
responseKeyword - property of finishOptionQuit in en_us.t[7903]
responseKeyword - property of finishOptionRestore in en_us.t[7910]
responseKeyword - property of finishOptionRestart in en_us.t[7917]
responseKeyword - property of finishOptionUndo in en_us.t[7924]
responseKeyword - property of finishOptionCredits in en_us.t[7931]
responseKeyword - property of finishOptionFullScore in en_us.t[7938]
responseKeyword - property of finishOptionAmusing in en_us.t[7945]
responseKeyword - property of restoreOptionStartOver in en_us.t[7952]
responseKeyword - property of FinishOption in misc.t[2094]
responseMatches - method of FinishOption in misc.t[2111]
responseProd - property of nounList(empty) in en_us.t[5273]
responseProd - property of singleNoun(empty) in en_us.t[5417]
responseProd - property of EmptyNounPhraseProd in parser.t[4138]
responseProd - property of EmptyTopicPhraseProd in parser.t[4323]
responseSetConvNode - property of Actor in actor.t[5785]
RestartAction - class in actions.t[583]
restartGame - global function in tadsgen.h[498]
restartID - property of mainGlobal in _main.t[1209]
RestartSignal - class in _main.t[219]
RestoreAction - class in actions.t[335]
restoreAndRunGame - method of GameMainDef in misc.t[133]
restoreCanceled - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[823]
restoreCode - property of PostRestoreObject in actions.t[217]
RestoreCommand - macro in tadsio.h[514]
restoreCorruptedFile - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[840]
restoredDefaults - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1122]
RestoreDefaultsAction - class in actions.t[782]
restoreDisplayState - method of bannerTracker in banner.t[943]
restoreElapsedTime - method of realTimeManager in events.t[1077]
restoreFailed - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[858]
restoreFailedOnServer - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[826]
restoreGame - global function in tadsgen.h[491]
restoreInvalidFile - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[833]
restoreInvalidMatch - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[850]
restoreItem - method of SettingsItem in settings.t[140]
restoreLocation - method of MultiLoc in objects.t[2692]
restoreLocation - method of Thing in thing.t[5432]
restoreOkay - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[820]
restoreOptionRestoreAnother - object in misc.t[2217]
restoreOptionStartOver - object in misc.t[2210]
restoreSettings - method of settingsManager in settings.t[327]
restoreSettingsMsg - method of settingsUI in misc.t[2401]
RestoreStringAction - class in actions.t[564]
RestrictedContainer - class in objects.t[5063]
RestrictedHolder - class in objects.t[5018]
RestrictedRearContainer - class in extras.t[1009]
RestrictedRearSurface - class in extras.t[1046]
RestrictedSurface - class in objects.t[5209]
RestrictedUnderside - class in extras.t[907]
resultLister - property of SenseImplicitAction in actions.t[1831]
resultLister - property of SmellImplicitAction in actions.t[1868]
resultLister - property of ListenImplicitAction in actions.t[1875]
resultRank - property of VerifyResult in verify.t[144]
resultRank - property of LogicalVerifyResult in verify.t[284]
resultRank - property of DangerousVerifyResult in verify.t[301]
resultRank - property of IllogicalNowVerifyResult in verify.t[319]
resultRank - property of IllogicalVerifyResult in verify.t[349]
resultRank - property of NonObviousVerifyResult in verify.t[392]
resultRank - property of InaccessibleVerifyResult in verify.t[410]
results_ - property of VerifyResultList in verify.t[688]
retrieveSettings - method of settingsManager in settings.t[347]
RetryCommandTokensException - class in parser.t[7003]
retryWithAmbiguousDobj - method of TAction in action.t[3138]
retryWithAmbiguousIobj - method of TIAction in action.t[3966]
retryWithMissingDobj - method of TAction in action.t[3127]
retryWithMissingIobj - method of TIAction in action.t[3955]
retryWithMissingLiteral - method of LiteralTAction in action.t[5435]
retryWithMissingTopic - method of TopicTAction in action.t[5863]
revealedNameTab - property of conversationManager in actor.t[492]
revealHiddenItems - property of BulkLimiter in objects.t[4636]
reverseLastTravel - method of Actor in actor.t[6675]
reverseSymtab_ - property of reflectionServices in reflect.t[221]
revertTargetActorAtEndOfSentence - property of Actor in actor.t[7722]
rexGroup - global function in tadsgen.h[364]
rexMatch - global function in tadsgen.h[332]
RexPattern - class in systype.h[1208]
rexReplace - global function in tadsgen.h[444]
rexSearch - global function in tadsgen.h[346]
rexSearchLast - global function in tadsgen.h[680]
rmcAskLiteral - enum in adv3.h[286]
rmcAskObject - enum in adv3.h[283]
rmcCommand - enum in adv3.h[277]
rmcDisambig - enum in adv3.h[289]
rmcOops - enum in adv3.h[280]
RNG_ISAAC - macro in tadsgen.h[719]
RNG_LCG - macro in tadsgen.h[733]
RNG_MT19937 - macro in tadsgen.h[745]
Room - template in en_us.h[87]
Room - class in travel.t[4313]
room1 - property of RoomConnector in travel.t[2286]
room2 - property of RoomConnector in travel.t[2287]
RoomActorGrouper - class in lister.t[1479]
roomActorHereDesc - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1331]
roomActorHereDesc - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3557]
roomActorHereDesc - method of Floor in travel.t[5351]
roomActorPostureDesc - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1375]
roomActorPostureDesc - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3598]
roomActorPostureDesc - method of Floor in travel.t[5389]
roomActorStatus - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1310]
roomActorStatus - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3595]
roomActorStatus - method of Floor in travel.t[5378]
roomActorThereDesc - method of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1342]
roomActorThereDesc - method of Thing in thing.t[2628]
roomActorThereDesc - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3566]
roomActorThereDesc - method of Floor in travel.t[5370]
roomAfterAction - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3926]
RoomAutoConnector - class in travel.t[2376]
roomBeforeAction - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3916]
RoomConnector - class in travel.t[2284]
roomContentsLister - method of Thing in thing.t[3279]
roomDaemon - method of Thing in thing.t[3644]
roomDaemon - method of Room in travel.t[4401]
roomDarkDesc - property of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1325]
roomDarkDesc - method of Thing in thing.t[2613]
roomDarkName - property of libMessages in msg_neu.t[1322]
roomDarkName - property of Thing in thing.t[2610]
roomDarkTravel - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[4199]
roomDesc - method of Thing in thing.t[2582]
roomDesc - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3554]
roomdescStyleTag - object in output.t[819]
roomDescVerbose - property of exitLister in exits.t[62]
roomFirstDesc - method of Thing in thing.t[2591]
roomFloor - property of Room in travel.t[4533]
roomListActorPosture - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3609]
roomListActorPosture - method of Floor in travel.t[5414]
roomListenLister - object in lister.t[1790]
roomLister - object in msg_neu.t[4419]
roomLocation - property of Thing in thing.t[3624]
roomLocation - property of BasicLocation in travel.t[3988]
roomName - property of Thing in thing.t[2561]
roomName - property of NestedRoom in travel.t[5600]
roomnameStyleTag - object in output.t[816]
roomNotifyList - property of BasicLocation in travel.t[3982]
roomOkayPostureChange - method of BasicLocation in travel.t[3602]
roomOkayPostureChange - method of Floor in travel.t[5402]
roomOkayPostureChangeMsg - method of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[4009]
roomOkayPostureChangeMsg - method of npcActionMessages in msg_neu.t[4295]
roomparaStyleTag - object in output.t[825]
RoomPart - class in travel.t[4872]
roomPartContentsLister - object in msg_neu.t[4913]
roomPartDescContentsLister - object in msg_neu.t[4927]
RoomPartItem - class in travel.t[5532]
roomPartLookInLister - object in msg_neu.t[4941]
roomParts - property of Room in travel.t[4524]
roomParts - property of OutdoorRoom in travel.t[4752]
roomParts - property of Floorless in travel.t[4809]
roomRemoteDesc - method of Thing in thing.t[2607]
roomSmellLister - object in lister.t[1820]
roomToHoldObj - object in precond.t[808]
roomTravelPreCond - method of Thing in thing.t[3395]
roomTravelPreCond - property of BasicLocation in travel.t[4258]
roomTravelPreCond - method of NestedRoom in travel.t[6162]
roundToDecimal - method of BigNumber in bignum.h[76]
rules_ - property of cmdTokenizer in en_us.t[4764]
rules_ - property of Tokenizer in tok.t[123]
runAll - method of StringPreParser in input.t[907]
runBeforeNotifiers - method of Action in action.t[1507]
runGame - global function in misc.t[577]
runOrder - property of StringPreParser in input.t[850]
runOrder - property of commentPreParser in input.t[1034]
runScheduler - global function in events.t[26]
runScoreNotifier - method of libScore in score.t[369]
RuntimeError - class in _main.t[777]
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