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TADS 3 Library: input

This modules defines functions and objects related to reading input from the player.

Summary of Classes  

BasicInputDef  EndOfFileException  InputDef  QuittingException  StringPreParser 

Summary of Global Objects  

commentPreParser  inputManager 

Summary of Global Functions  

readMainCommand  readMainCommandTokens 

Global Functions  

readMainCommand (which)input.t[797]

Read a command line from the player. Displays the main command prompt and returns a line of input.

We process any pending real-time events before reading the command. If the local platform supports real-time command-line interruptions, we'll continue processing real-time events as they occur in the course of command editing.

readMainCommandTokens (which)input.t[1049]
Read a line of text and return the token list and the original text. We keep going until a non-empty line of text is read.

'which' is one of the rmcXxx enum values specifying what kind of command line we're reading.

The return value is a list of two elements. The first element is the string entered, and the second element is the token list.

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