Base class for command input string preparsers.

Preparsers must be registered in order to run. During preinitialization, we will automatically register any existing preparser objects; preparsers that are created dynamically during execution must be registered explicitly, which can be accomplished by inheriting the default constructor from this class.

class StringPreParser :   PreinitObject

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Global Objects  

commentPreParser  specialTopicPreParser 

Summary of Properties  

regList  regListSorted  runOrder 

Inherited from ModuleExecObject :
execAfterMe  execBeforeMe  hasInitialized_  isDoingExec_  isExecuted_ 

Summary of Methods  

construct  doParsing  execute  registerPreParser  runAll 

Inherited from ModuleExecObject :
_execute  classExec 



class property containing the list of registered parsers

class property - the registration list has been sorted

My execution order number. When multiple preparsers are registered, we'll run the preparsers in ascending order of this value (i.e., smallest runOrder goes first).


construct ( )input.t[876]

construction - when we dynamically create a preparser, register it by default

doParsing (str, which)input.t[866]
Do our parsing. Each instance should override this method to define the parsing that it does.

'str' is the string to parse, and 'which' is the rmcXxx enum giving the type of command we're working with.

This method returns a string or nil. If the method returns a string, the caller will forget the original string and work from here on out with the new version returned; this allows the method to rewrite the original input as desired. If the method returns nil, it means that the string has been fully handled and that further parsing of the same string is not desired.

execute ( )OVERRIDDENinput.t[883]
run pre-initialization

registerPreParser (pp)input.t[890]
register a preparser

runAll (str, which)input.t[907]
Class method - Run all preparsers. Returns the result of successively calling each preparser on the given string.

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