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TADS 3 Library - Thing

This module defines Thing, the base class for physical objects in the simulation. We also define some utility classes that Thing uses internally.

Summary of Classes  

BagAffinityInfo  CanTouchInfo  CheckStatus  CheckStatusFailure  DropType  DropTypeThrow  EquivalentStateInfo  SenseInfo  SightTouchInfo  Thing  ThingState  VocabObject 

Summary of Global Objects  

checkStatusSuccess  dropTypeDrop  senseTmp 

Summary of Global Functions  

findBestFacet  senseInfoTableSubset 

Global Functions  

findBestFacet (actor, lst)thing.t[986]

Find the best facet from the given list of facets, from the perspective of the given actor. We'll find the facet that has the best visibility, or, visibilities being equal, the best touchability.

senseInfoTableSubset (senseTab, func)thing.t[124]
Given a sense information table (a LookupTable returned from Thing.senseInfoTable()), return a vector of only those objects in the table that match the given criteria.

'func' is a function that takes two arguments, func(obj, info), where 'obj' is a simulation object and 'info' is the corresponding SenseInfo object. This function is invoked for each object in the sense info table; if 'func' returns true, then 'obj' is part of the list that we return.

The return value is a simple vector of game objects. (Note that SenseInfo objects are not returned - just the simulation objects.)

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