Stream state object for String.specialsToHtml().

class SpecialsToHtmlState :   object

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flags_  tag_ 

Summary of Methods  

resetLine  resetState 



Internal output state flags at end of last string parsed. This is a combination of bit flags:

0x0001 - last string ended within a line of text
0x0002 - caps flag '\^' pending
0x0004 - lowercase flag '\v' pending
0x0008 - last string ended within an HTML tag
0x0010 - last string ended in double-quoted HTML tag attribute text
0x0020 - last string ended in single-quoted HTML tag attribute text
0x0040 - last string ended with an ordinary space
0x0080 - last string ended with a quoted space '\ '
0x0100 - <Q> parity level: 0=double quotes, 1=single quotes
0x0300 - distance from last '\t' tab column (0..3)

tag in progress at end of last string parsed


resetLine ( )_main.t[1149]

Explicitly reset to the start of a line. This can be called after a non-output operation that resets the line position, such as reading an input line.

resetState ( )_main.t[1138]
Reset the state. This should be used when the output stream context is reset, such as when clearing the window.

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