Basic Event Manager. This is a common base class for the game-time and real-time event managers. This class handles the details of managing the event queue; the subclasses must define the specifics of event timing.

class BasicEventManager :   object

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Global Objects  

eventManager  realTimeManager 

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Summary of Methods  

addEvent  removeCurrentEvent  removeEvent  removeMatchingEvents 


// events_Interface description onlyevents.t[418]

event list - each instance must initialize this to a vector


addEvent (event)events.t[344]

add an event

removeCurrentEvent ( )events.t[411]
Remove the current event - this is provided for convenience so that an event can cancel itself in the course of its execution.

Note that this has no effect on the current event execution - this simply prevents the event from receiving additional notifications in the future.

removeEvent (event)events.t[351]
remove an event

removeMatchingEvents (obj, prop)events.t[375]
Remove events matching the given object and property combination. We remove all events that match both the object and property (events matching only the object or only the property are not affected).

This is provided mostly as a convenience for cases where an event is known to be uniquely identifiable by its object and property values; this saves the caller the trouble of keeping track of the Event object created when the event was first registered.

When a particular object/property combination might be used in several different events, it's better to keep a reference to the Event object representing each event, and use removeEvent() to remove the specific Event object of interest.

Returns true if we find any matching events, nil if not.

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