The main exits lister.

exitLister :   PreinitObject

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enableHyperlinks  enableReminder  enableReminderAlways  exitsOnOffExplained  roomDescVerbose 

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execAfterMe  execBeforeMe  hasInitialized_  isDoingExec_  isExecuted_ 

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cannotGoShowExits  execute  exitsOnOffCommand  getRoomDescLister  getStatuslineExitsHeight  isReminderEnabled  lookAroundShowExits  showExits  showExitsCommand  showExitsFrom  showExitsWithLister  showStatuslineExits 

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_execute  classExec 



Flag: use hyperlinks in the directions mentioned in room description exit lists, so that players can click on the direction name in the listing to enter the direction command.

Flag: show automatic exit listings on attempts to move in directions that don't allow travel. Enable this by default, since most players appreciate having the exit list called out separately from the room description (where any mention of exits might be buried in lots of other text) in place of an unspecific "you can't go that way".

This is an author-configured setting; the library does not provide a command to let the player control this setting.

Flag: enable the automatic exit reminder even when the room description exit listing is enabled. When this is nil, we will NOT show a reminder with "can't go that way" messages when the room description exit list is enabled - this is the default, because it can be a little much to have the list of exits shown so frequently. Some authors might prefer to show the reminder unconditionally, though, so this option is offered.

This is an author-configured setting; the library does not provide a command to let the player control this setting.

flag: we've explained how the exits on/off command works

Flag: use "verbose" listing style for exit lists in room descriptions. When this is set to true, we'll show a sentence-style list of exits ("Obvious exits lead east to the living room, south, and up."). When this is set to nil, we'll use a terse style, enclosing the message in the default system message's brackets ("[Obvious exits: East, West]").

Verbose-style room descriptions tend to fit well with a room description's prose, but at the expense of looking redundant with the exit list that's usually built into each room's custom descriptive text to begin with. Some authors prefer the terse style precisely because it doesn't look like more prose description, but looks like a separate bit of information being offered.

This is an author-configured setting; the library does not provide a command to let the player control this setting.


cannotGoShowExits (actor, loc)exits.t[215]

show exits as part of a "cannot go that way" error

execute ( )OVERRIDDENexits.t[37]

exitsOnOffCommand (stat, look)exits.t[151]
Perform an EXITS ON/OFF/STATUS/LOOK command. 'stat' indicates whether we're turning on (true) or off (nil) the statusline exit listing; 'look' indicates whether we're turning the room description listing on or off.

getRoomDescLister ( )exits.t[120]
Get the exit lister we use for room descriptions.

getStatuslineExitsHeight ( )exits.t[193]
Calculate the contribution of the exits list to the height of the status line, in lines of text. If we're not configured to display the exits list in the status line, then the contribution is zero; otherwise, we'll estimate how much space we need to display the exit list.

isReminderEnabled ( )exits.t[107]
Determine if the "reminder" is enabled. The reminder is the list of exits we show along with a "can't go that way" message, to reminder the player of the valid exits when an invalid one is attempted.

lookAroundShowExits (actor, loc, illum)exits.t[207]
show exits as part of a room description

showExits (actor)exits.t[169]
show the list of exits from an actor's current location

showExitsCommand ( )exits.t[129]
perform the "exits" command to show exits on explicit request

showExitsFrom (actor, loc)exits.t[224]
show the list of exits from a given location for a given actor

showExitsWithLister (actor, loc, lister, locIsLit)exits.t[249]
Show the list of exits using a specific lister.

'actor' is the actor for whom the display is being generated. 'loc' is the location whose exit list is to be shown; this need not be the same as the actor's current location. 'lister' is the Lister object that will show the list of DestInfo objects that we create to represent the exit list.

'locIsLit' indicates whether or not the ambient illumination, for the actor's visual senses, is sufficient that the actor would be able to see if the actor were in the new location. We take this as a parameter so that we don't have to re-compute the information if the caller has already computed it for other reasons (such as showing a room description). If the caller hasn't otherwise computed the value, it can be easily computed as loc.wouldBeLitFor(actor).

showStatuslineExits ( )exits.t[176]
show an exit list display in the status line, if desired

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