A "room part item" is an object that's specially described as being part of, or attached to, a RoomPart (a wall, ceiling, floor, or the like). This is a mix-in class that can be combined with any ordinary object class (but usually with something non-portable, such as a Fixture or Immovable). The effect of adding RoomPartItem to an object's superclasses is that a command like EXAMINE EAST WALL (or whichever room part the object is associated with) will display the object's specialDesc, but a simple LOOK will not. This class is sometimes useful for things like doors, windows, ceiling fans, and other things attached to the room.

Note that this is a mix-in class, so you should always combine it with a regular Thing-based class.

When using this class, you should define two properties in the object: specialNominalRoomPartLocation, which you should set to the RoomPart (such as a wall) where the object should be described; and specialDesc, which is the description to show when the room part is examined. Alternatively (or in addition), you can define initNominalRoomPartLocation and initSpecialDesc - these work the same way, but will only be in effect until the object is moved.

class RoomPartItem :   object

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Summary of Methods  

useSpecialDescInContents  useSpecialDescInRoom  useSpecialDescInRoomPart 




useSpecialDescInContents (cont)travel.t[5566]

no description available

useSpecialDescInRoom (room)travel.t[5565]
don't use the special description in room descriptions, or in examining any other container

useSpecialDescInRoomPart (part)travel.t[5537]
show our special description when examining our associated room part, as long as we actually define a special description

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