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TADS 3 Library: events

This module defines the event framework. An event is a programmed operation that occurs at a particular point in the game; an event can be turn-based, in which case it occurs after a given number of turns has elapsed, or it can occur in real time, which means that it occurs after a particular interval of time has elapsed.

Summary of Classes  

BasicEvent  BasicEventManager  Daemon  Event  EventAction  Fuse  OneTimePromptDaemon  PromptDaemon  RealTimeDaemon  RealTimeEvent  RealTimeFuse  RealTimeSenseDaemon  RealTimeSenseFuse  Schedulable  SenseDaemon  SenseFuse 

Summary of Global Objects  

eventManager  realTimeManager 

Summary of Global Functions  


Global Functions  

runScheduler ( )events.t[26]

Run the main scheduling loop. This continues until we encounter an end-of-file error reading from the console, or a QuitException is thrown to terminate the game.

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