A first-on-line command. The first command on a command line can optionally start with an actor specification, to give orders to the actor.

class FirstCommandProd :   CommandProd

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firstTokenIndex  isSpecialResponseMatch  lastTokenIndex 

Summary of Methods  

countCommands  getCommandSepIndex  getCommandTokens  getNextCommandIndex  getTargetActor  isEndOfSentence  resolveFirstAction  resolveNouns 

Inherited from CommandProd :
execActorPhrase  hasTargetActor 

Inherited from BasicProd :
canResolveTo  getOrigText  getOrigTokenList  setOrigTokenList 




countCommands (results)parser.t[692]

no description available

getCommandSepIndex ( )parser.t[756]
Get the token index of the first command separator token. This is the first token that is not part of the underlying command.

getCommandTokens ( )parser.t[715]
The tokens of the entire command except for the target actor specification. By default, we take all of the tokens starting with the first command's first token and running to the end of the token list. This assumes that the target actor is specified at the beginning of the command - languages that use some other word ordering must override this accordingly.

getNextCommandIndex ( )parser.t[767]
get the token index of the next command - this is the index of the next token after our conjunction if we have one, or after our command if we don't have a conjunction

getTargetActor ( )parser.t[698]
count commands in the underlying command

isEndOfSentence ( )parser.t[746]
Does this command end a sentence? The exact meaning of a sentence may vary by language; in English, a sentence ends with certain punctuation marks (a period, a semicolon, an exclamation point).

resolveFirstAction (issuingActor, targetActor)parser.t[725]
Resolve my first action. This returns an instance of a subclass of Action that represents the resolved action. We'll ask our first subcommand to resolve its action.

resolveNouns (issuingActor, targetActor, results)parser.t[731]
resolve nouns in the command

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