The settings user interface. This is a subclass of the Settings Manager that adds a command-line user interface, particularly to allow the user to view, save, and load the default settings.

Our user interface consists mainly of a pair of special commands: SAVE DEFAULTS and RESTORE DEFAULTS. The SAVE DEFAULTS command tells the library to write out all of the current settings (at least, all of those that participate in this framework) to a file. RESTORE DEFAULTS explicitly reads that same file and puts the stored settings into effect. Finally, we'll also read the file and activate its stored settings when we start (or RESTART) the game.

settingsUI :   settingsManager

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Summary of Methods  

restoreSettingsMsg  saveSettingsMsg  showAll 

Inherited from settingsManager :
restoreSettings  retrieveSettings  saveSettings  storeSettings 




restoreSettingsMsg ( )misc.t[2401]

Restore settings, and display an acknowledgment or error message, as appropriate.

saveSettingsMsg ( )misc.t[2379]
Save settings, and display an acknowledgment message (or an error message, if necessary) for the user's edification.

showAll ( )misc.t[2352]
display all of the current settings

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