Status line window

class WebStatusWin :   WebWindow

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Global Objects  


Summary of Properties  

deltas_  src  txt_  vpath 

Inherited from WebWindow :
name  pathName  sthCtx 

Inherited from WebResourceResFile :
binaryExts  browserExtToMime 

Inherited from WebResource :
group  priority 

Summary of Methods  

clearWindow  flushWin  getState  resize  setStatus  setStatusText  write 

Inherited from WebWindow :
processName  sendWinEvent  sendWinEventTo  winFromPath 

Inherited from WebResourceResFile :
isTextFile  matchRequest  processRequest 

Inherited from WebResource :
sendAck  sendXML 



do we have any deltas since the last flush?

no description available

the current status message

my request path and actual resource path


clearWindow ( )OVERRIDDENwebui.t[2644]

clear the window

flushWin ( )OVERRIDDENwebui.t[2650]
flush pending text to the window

getState (client)OVERRIDDENwebui.t[2678]
get the current state to send to the browser

resize ( )webui.t[2675]
Refigure the window size. The status line is generally set up to be automatically sized to its contents, which requires that we tell the UI when it's time to recalculate the layout to reflect the current contents after a change.

setStatus (room, score?, turns?)webui.t[2589]
Set the room and score/turns portions of the status line. This sets the left side of the status line to the 'room' text (which can contain HTML markups), and the right side to the the score/turns values, if present. If the turn counter is omitted but the score value is present, we'll just show the score value; otherwise we'll format these as "score/turns". If no score value is present, we'll leave the right side blank.

setStatusText (msg)webui.t[2620]
Set the text of the status line. This sets the entire status window to the given HTML text, without any additional formatting.

write (msg)OVERRIDDENwebui.t[2634]
add text to the status line

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