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TADS 3 Library: Actions.

This module defines the Action classes. An Action is an abstract object representing a command to be performed.

Summary of Classes  

Action  ActionRemappingTooComplexError  AllAction  ConvIAction  ConvTopicResolver  ConvTopicTAction  DefaultAction  IAction  LiteralAction  LiteralActionBase  LiteralTAction  PreCondDesc  ResolvedTopic  SystemAction  TAction  TActionTopicResolver  TentativeResolveResults  TIAction  TopicAction  TopicActionBase  TopicResolver  TopicTAction 

Summary of Global Objects  

dummyTentativeInfo  dummyTentativeObject  objectRelations  resolvedTopicNothing 

Summary of Global Functions  

callRoomAfterAction  callRoomBeforeAction  withParserGlobals 

Global Functions  

callRoomAfterAction (room)action.t[2995]

Call the roomAfterAction method on a given room, then on the room's containing rooms.

callRoomBeforeAction (room)action.t[2982]
Call the roomBeforeAction method on a given room's containing rooms, then on the room itself.

withParserGlobals (issuer, actor, action, func)action.t[89]
Invoke the given function with the given values for the parser global variables gActor and gAction.

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