Verification result - command is logical and allowed, but is non-obvious on this object. This should be used when the command is logical, but should not be obvious to the player. When this verification result is present, the command is allowed when performed explicitly but will never be taken as a default.

In cases of ambiguity, a non-obvious object is equivalent to an always-illogical object. A non-obvious object *appears* to be illogical at first glance, so we want to treat it the same as an ordinarily illogical object if we're trying to choose among ambiguous objects.

class NonObviousVerifyResult :   VerifyResult

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allowImplicit  resultRank 

Inherited from VerifyResult :
allowAction  excludePluralMatches 

Inherited from MessageResult :
messageProp_  messageText_ 

Summary of Methods  

Inherited from VerifyResult :
compareTo  identicalTo  isWorseThan  shouldInsertBefore 

Inherited from MessageResult :
construct  resolveMessageText  setMessage  showMessage 



don't allow non-obvious actions to be undertaken implicitly - we allow these actions, but only when explicitly requested

non-obvious objects are illogical at first glance, so rank them the same as objects that are actually illogical



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