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TADS 3 Library - output formatting

This module defines the framework for displaying output text.

Summary of Classes  

CaptureFilter  HtmlStyleTag  LogConsole  MessageBuilder  MonitorFilter  OutputFilter  OutputStream  OutputStreamWindow  ParagraphManager  StringCaptureFilter  StyleTag  SwitchableCaptureFilter 

Summary of Global Objects  

announceObjStyleTag  assumeStyleTag  commandSequencer  hyperlinkStyleTag  inputlineStyleTag  mainOutputStream  mainParagraphManager  notificationStyleTag  outputManager  parserStyleTag  roomdescStyleTag  roomnameStyleTag  roomparaStyleTag  statusroomStyleTag  statusscoreStyleTag  styleTagFilter 

Summary of Global Functions  

say  withQuotes 

Global Functions  

say (val)output.t[21]

The standard library output function. We set this up as the default display function (for double-quoted strings and for "<< >>" embeddings). Code can also call this directly to display items.

withQuotes (txt)output.t[32]
Generate a string for showing quoted text. We simply enclose the text in a <Q>...</Q> tag sequence and return the result.

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