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Portions based on work by Kevin Forchione, used by permission.

TADS 3 Library - objects

This module defines the basic physical simulation objects (apart from Thing, the base class for most game objects, which is so large that it's defined in its own separate module for convenience). We define such basic classes as containers, surfaces, fixed-in-place objects, openables, and lockables.

Summary of Classes  

BaseMultiLoc  BasicContainer  BasicOpenable  BulkLimiter  Button  Collective  CollectiveGroup  Component  Consultable  ConsultTopic  Container  CustomFixture  CustomImmovable  Decoration  DefaultConsultTopic  Dial  Distant  FillMedium  Fixture  Flashlight  Food  Heavy  Hidden  Immovable  IndirectLockable  Intangible  ItemizingCollectiveGroup  KeyedContainer  LabeledDial  Lever  LightSource  Linkable  LocateInParent  Lockable  LockableContainer  LockableWithKey  MultiFaceted  MultiFacetedFacet  MultiInstance  MultiInstanceInstance  MultiLoc  Noise  NonPortable  NumberedDial  Odor  OnOffControl  Openable  OpenableContainer  OutOfReach  Readable  RestrictedContainer  RestrictedHolder  RestrictedSurface  SecretFixture  SensoryEmanation  SensoryEvent  Settable  SightEvent  SightObserver  SimpleNoise  SimpleOdor  SingleContainer  SmellEvent  SmellObserver  SoundEvent  SoundObserver  SpringLever  Surface  Switch  Unthing  Vaporous  Wearable 

Summary of Global Objects  


Summary of Global Functions  


Global Functions  


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