Player Character messages. These messages are generated when the player issues a regular command to the player character (i.e., without specifying a target actor).

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commandFullScore  commandInterruptionPrefix  commandLookAround  commandNotPresent  commandResultsEmpty  commandResultsPrefix  commandResultsSeparator  commandResultsSuffix  complexResultsSeparator  currentlyClosed  currentlyLocked  currentlyNoHints  currentlyOpen  currentlyUnlocked  defaultsFileNotSupported  defaultsFileWriteError  dlgButtonCancel  dlgButtonNo  dlgButtonOk  dlgButtonYes  dlgTitleError  dlgTitleInfo  dlgTitleNone  dlgTitleQuestion  dlgTitleWarning  emptyCommandResponse  finishDeathMsg  finishFailureMsg  finishGameOverMsg  finishVictoryMsg  getRecordingPrompt  getReplayPrompt  getRestorePrompt  getSavePrompt  getScriptingPrompt  hintsDisabled  hintsDone  hintsNotPresent  inputFileScriptWarningButtons  inputScriptFailed  internalResultsSeparator  intraCommandSeparator  listSepEnd  listSepMiddle  listSepTwo  longListSepEnd  longListSepMiddle  longListSepTwo  menuKeyList  menuLongTopicEnd  menuTopicListEnd  nextMenuTopicLink  noAboutInfo  noteWithoutScript  noteWithoutScriptWarning  noteWithScript  notOnboardShip  noTopicsNotTalking  offerOopsNote  oopsMissingWord  oopsOutOfContext  prevMenuLink  recordingCanceled  recordingFailed  recordingOkay  recordOffIgnored  recordOffOkay  replayCanceled  roomDarkDesc  roomDarkName  scoreNotPresent  scriptingCanceled  scriptingFailed  scriptOffIgnored  scriptOffOkay  settingsItemSeparator  showFullScorePrefix  showHintWarning  sorryHintsDisabled  webUploadTooBig  whomPronoun 

Summary of Methods  

allNotAllowed  ambiguousNounPhrase  askDisambig  askMissingLiteral  askMissingObject  askUnknownWord  cannotAddressMultiple  cannotChangeActor  commandNotUnderstood  disambigOrdinalOutOfRange  emptyNounPhrase  explainCancelCommandLine  insufficientQuantity  missingActor  missingLiteral  missingObject  noMatch  noMatchCannotSee  noMatchDisambig  noMatchForAll  noMatchForAllBut  noMatchForListBut  noMatchForLocation  noMatchForPluralPossessive  noMatchForPossessive  noMatchForPronoun  noMatchNotAware  nothingInLocation  reflexiveNotAllowed  refuseCommandBusy  singleActorRequired  singleObjectRequired  specialTopicInactive  uniqueObjectRequired  wordIsUnknown  wrongReflexive  zeroQuantity 

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acknowledgeFootnoteStatus  acknowledgeNotifyStatus  acknowledgeTipStatus  acknowledgeVerboseMode  actorHereGroupPrefix  actorHereGroupSuffix  actorInGroupPrefix  actorInGroupSuffix  actorInRemoteGroupPrefix  actorInRemoteGroupSuffix  actorInRemoteNestedRoom  actorInRemoteRoom  actorInRoom  actorInRoomPosture  actorInRoomStatus  actorThereGroupPrefix  actorThereGroupSuffix  againCannotChangeActor  againCannotTalkToTarget  againNotPossible  allInSameListState  alreadyTalkingTo  announceAmbigActionObject  announceDefaultObject  announceImplicitAction  announceMoveToBag  announceMultiActionObject  announceRemappedAction  basicScoreChange  candleBurnedOut  cannotReachContents  cannotReachObject  cannotReachOutside  cannotTalkTo  closedMsg  confirmQuit  confirmRestart  currentExitsSettings  defaultsFileReadError  dimReadDesc  distantThingDesc  distantThingSmellDesc  distantThingSoundDesc  exitsOnOffOkay  explainExitsOnOff  filePromptFailed  filePromptFailedMsg  firstFootnote  firstScoreChange  footnoteRef  fullScoreItemPoints  inputFileScriptWarning  inputScriptFailedException  inputScriptOkay  invalidCommandToken  invalidFinishOption  litCandleDesc  litMatchDesc  lockedMsg  mainCommandPrompt  makeSentence  matchBurnedOut  mentionFullScore  menuInstructions  menuNextChapter  menuTopicProgress  noCommandForAgain  noSuchFootnote  noteMainRestore  notRestarting  notTerminating  objBurnedOut  obscuredReadDesc  obscuredThingDesc  obscuredThingSmellDesc  obscuredThingSoundDesc  offMsg  okayQuitting  onMsg  oopsNote  openMsg  openStatusMsg  parserErrorString  pauseEnded  pausePrompt  pauseSaving  pcDesc  putDestBehind  putDestContainer  putDestFloor  putDestRoom  putDestSurface  putDestUnder  recordingFailedException  restoreCanceled  restoreCorruptedFile  restoredDefaults  restoreFailed  restoreFailedOnServer  restoreInvalidFile  restoreInvalidMatch  restoreOkay  roomActorHereDesc  roomActorPostureDesc  roomActorStatus  roomActorThereDesc  saveCanceled  savedDefaults  saveFailed  saveFailedOnServer  saveOkay  sayArriving  sayArrivingDir  sayArrivingDownStairs  sayArrivingLocally  sayArrivingShipDir  sayArrivingThroughPassage  sayArrivingUpStairs  sayArrivingViaPath  sayDeparting  sayDepartingAft  sayDepartingDir  sayDepartingDownStairs  sayDepartingFore  sayDepartingLocally  sayDepartingShipDir  sayDepartingThroughPassage  sayDepartingUpStairs  sayDepartingViaPath  sayDepartingWith  sayDepartingWithGuide  sayOpenDoorRemotely  sayTravelingRemotely  scoreChange  scriptingFailedException  scriptingOkay  scriptingOkayWebTemp  shortFootnoteStatus  shortNotifyStatus  shortVerboseStatus  showCredit  showFinishMsg  showFootnoteStatus  showListState  showNotifyStatus  showScoreMessage  showScoreNoMaxMessage  showScoreRankMessage  showVersion  silentImplicitAction  smellDescSeparator  smellIsFromWithin  smellIsFromWithout  soundDescSeparator  soundIsFromWithin  soundIsFromWithout  systemActionToNPC  textMenuMainPrompt  textMenuTopicPrompt  thingFeelDesc  thingTasteDesc  tipStatusShort  undoFailed  undoOkay  unlitMatchDesc  unlockedMsg  webNewUser 

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askDisambigList  shortTIMsg  shortTMsg 




allNotAllowed (actor)msg_neu.t[1793]

'all' is not allowed with the attempted action

ambiguousNounPhrase (actor, originalText, matchList, fullMatchList)msg_neu.t[2057]
we found an ambiguous noun phrase, but we were unable to perform interactive disambiguation

askDisambig (actor, originalText, matchList, fullMatchList, requiredNum, askingAgain, dist)msg_neu.t[1990]
Ask the canonical disambiguation question: "Which x do you mean...?". 'matchList' is the list of ambiguous objects with any redundant equivalents removed; and 'fullMatchList' is the full list, including redundant equivalents that were removed from 'matchList'.

If askingAgain is true, it means that we're asking the question again because we got an invalid response to the previous attempt at the same prompt. We will have explained the problem, and now we're going to give the user another crack at the same response.

To prevent interactive disambiguation, do this:

throw new ParseFailureException(&ambiguousNounPhrase,
originalText, matchList, fullMatchList);

askMissingLiteral (actor, action, which)msg_neu.t[1853]
Ask for a missing literal phrase.

askMissingObject (actor, action, which)msg_neu.t[1826]
Ask for a missing object - this is called when a command is completely missing a noun phrase for one of its objects.

askUnknownWord (actor, txt)msg_neu.t[2087]
tell the user they entered a word we don't know, offering the chance to correct it with "oops"

cannotAddressMultiple (actor)msg_neu.t[2115]
cannot speak to multiple actors

cannotChangeActor ( )msg_neu.t[2077]
cannot change actor mid-command

commandNotUnderstood (actor)msg_neu.t[1760]
invalid command syntax

disambigOrdinalOutOfRange (actor, ordinalWord, originalText)msg_neu.t[1967]
The answer to a disambiguation question specifies an invalid ordinal ("the fourth one" when only three choices were offered).

'ordinalWord' is the ordinal word entered ('fourth' or the like). 'originalText' is the text of the noun phrase that caused the disambiguation question to be asked in the first place.

emptyNounPhrase (actor)msg_neu.t[1927]
empty noun phrase ('take the')

explainCancelCommandLine ( )msg_neu.t[2130]
Remaining actions on the command line were aborted due to the failure of the current action. This is just a hook for the game's use, if it wants to provide an explanation; by default, we do nothing. Note that games that override this will probably want to use a flag property so that they only show this message once - it's really only desirable to explain the the mechanism, not to flag it every time it's used.

insufficientQuantity (actor, txt, matchList, requiredNum)msg_neu.t[1940]
insufficient quantity to meet a command request ('take five books')

missingActor (actor)msg_neu.t[2064]
the actor is missing in a command

missingLiteral (actor, action, which)msg_neu.t[1862]
Show the message for a missing literal phrase.

missingObject (actor, action, which)msg_neu.t[1842]
An object was missing - this is called under essentially the same circumstances as askMissingObject, but in cases where interactive resolution is impossible and we simply wish to report the problem and do not wish to ask for help.

noMatch (actor, action, txt)msg_neu.t[1773]
no match for a noun phrase

noMatchCannotSee (actor, txt)msg_neu.t[1779]
No match message - we can't see a match for the noun phrase. This is the default for most verbs.

noMatchDisambig (actor, origPhrase, disambigResponse)msg_neu.t[1916]
no match for the response to a disambiguation question

noMatchForAll (actor)msg_neu.t[1799]
no match for 'all'

noMatchForAllBut (actor)msg_neu.t[1805]
nothing left for 'all' after removing 'except' items

noMatchForListBut (actor)msg_neu.t[1812]
nothing left in a plural phrase after removing 'except' items

noMatchForLocation (actor, loc, txt)msg_neu.t[1902]
no match for a containment phrase

noMatchForPluralPossessive (actor, txt)msg_neu.t[1895]
no match for a plural possessive phrase

noMatchForPossessive (actor, owner, txt)msg_neu.t[1888]
no match for a possessive phrase

noMatchForPronoun (actor, typ, pronounWord)msg_neu.t[1815]
no match for a pronoun

noMatchNotAware (actor, txt)msg_neu.t[1789]
No match message - we're not aware of a match for the noun phrase. Some sensory actions, such as LISTEN TO and SMELL, use this variation instead of the normal version; the things these commands refer to tend to be intangible, so "you can't see that" tends to be nonsensical.

nothingInLocation (actor, loc)msg_neu.t[1909]
nothing in a container whose contents are specifically requested

reflexiveNotAllowed (actor, typ, pronounWord)msg_neu.t[1871]
reflexive pronoun not allowed

refuseCommandBusy (targetActor, issuingActor)msg_neu.t[2109]
the actor refuses the command because it's busy with something else

singleActorRequired (actor)msg_neu.t[2071]
only a single actor can be addressed at a time

singleObjectRequired (actor, txt)msg_neu.t[1953]
a single noun phrase is required, but a noun list was used

specialTopicInactive (actor)msg_neu.t[1767]
a special topic can't be used right now, because it's inactive

uniqueObjectRequired (actor, txt, matchList)msg_neu.t[1947]
a unique object is required, but multiple objects were specified

wordIsUnknown (actor, txt)msg_neu.t[2102]
tell the user they entered a word we don't know, but don't offer an interactive way to fix it (i.e., we can't use OOPS at this point)

wrongReflexive (actor, typ, pronounWord)msg_neu.t[1881]
a reflexive pronoun disagrees in gender, number, or something else with its referent

zeroQuantity (actor, txt)msg_neu.t[1933]
'take zero books'

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