The standard "main window" of our user interface. This is the game object that represents the default initial HTML page that the player's web browser connects to. We build this out of three base classes:

- WebResourceInit, because this is the starting page that the browser initially connects to. This class does the initial handshaking to set up the session.

- WebResourceResFile, because we store the HTML for the page in a resource file. This class does the work of sending the resource file's contents to the browser.

- WebLayoutWindow, because the default main page is also a layout window, which is basically a container for IFRAME elements where we plug in the sub-windows that make up the game's user interface.

Games can customize the front page in any way they like. If you want to customize the HTML of the main page, you can substitute a different HTML (.htm) file, and change the processName() method to return the name of that file. If you want to use something other than a layout window as the front page, you can simply replace this whole class.

transient webMainWin :   WebResourceInit   WebLayoutWindow   WebResourceResFile

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Summary of Properties  

curCmdClient  fileDialogResult  fileDialogState  inputDialogResult  inputDialogState  inputEventResult  inputEventState  menuSysState  name  pathName  synthEventQueue  title  vpath 

Inherited from WebResourceInit :

Inherited from WebLayoutWindow :
frames  src 

Inherited from WebWindow :

Inherited from WebResourceResFile :
binaryExts  browserExtToMime 

Inherited from WebResource :
group  priority 

Summary of Methods  

getInputDialog  getInputEvent  getInputFile  getInputFileFromClient  getState  getSyntheticEvent  inputFileDismissed  offerDownload  postSyntheticEvent  processName  receiveFileSelection  receiveFileUpload  receiveInputDialog  receiveInputEvent  setTitle  syntheticEventReady 

Inherited from WebResourceInit :
connectUI  processRequest 

Inherited from WebLayoutWindow :
createFrame  flushWin  winFromPath 

Inherited from WebWindow :
clearWindow  sendWinEvent  sendWinEventTo  write 

Inherited from WebResourceResFile :
isTextFile  matchRequest 

Inherited from WebResource :
sendAck  sendXML 



Client session for current command line input. Certain modal interactions, such as file dialogs, are directed only to the client that initiated the current command.

file dialog result - this is a result list using the same format as the native inputFile() function

file dialog state - this is the XML describing the currently open file dialog; if the dialog isn't open, this is an empty string

input dialog result - this is the button number the user selected

input dialog state - this is the XML describing an input dialog while a dialog is running, or an empty string if not

input event result

input event state

menuSys state - menu system state (maintained by the menu module)

the top window is always called "main"

no description available

Synthetic event queue. This is a vector of synthetic events, set up in the [type, params...] format that the system inputEvent() function and related functions use. The 'type' code for a synthetic evente is a string instead of the numeric identifier that the system functions use.

the window title

match the webuires directory path as the URL path, but map this to main.htm as the underlying resource name


getInputDialog (icon, prompt, buttons, defaultButton, cancelButton)webui.t[3100]

show a generic inputDialog dialog

getInputEvent (timeout)webui.t[2779]
wait for an input event

getInputFile (prompt, dialogType, fileType, flags)webui.t[2835]
show the file selector dialog

getInputFileFromClient (prompt, dialogType, fileType, flags)webui.t[2912]
Get an input file from the client PC. We'll attempt to upload or download a file from/to the client PC, using a local temporary file for the actual file operations. This is a special form of the input file dialog that we use when we're not connected to a storage server.

getState (client)OVERRIDDENwebui.t[2747]
get the state

getSyntheticEvent ( )webui.t[3190]
pull the next synthetic event from the queue

inputFileDismissed ( )webui.t[3033]
receive notification that the file dialog has been closed

offerDownload (file)webui.t[2986]
Offer a file for download to the client. 'file' is a DownloadTempFile object previously created by a call to inputFile().

postSyntheticEvent (id, [params])webui.t[3180]
Post a synthetic event. A synthetic event looks like a regular UI or network event, but is generated internally instead of being delivered from the underlying browser or network subsystems.

'id' is a string giving the event type. The remaining parameters are up to each event type to define.

processName (n)OVERRIDDENwebui.t[2720]
no description available

receiveFileSelection (req, query)webui.t[2999]
receive a file selection from the file selector dialog

receiveFileUpload (req, query)webui.t[3040]
receive a file upload from the file upload dialog

receiveInputDialog (req, query)webui.t[3159]
receive a selection from the input dialog

receiveInputEvent (req, query)webui.t[2813]
receive an input event

setTitle (title)webui.t[2730]
set the window title

syntheticEventReady ( )webui.t[3187]
is a synthetic event ready?

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