MenuTopicItemclassmenusys.t[421], menucon.t[590], menuweb.t[240]

MenuTopicItem displays a series of entries successively. This is intended to be used for displaying something like a list of hints for a topic. Set menuContents to be a list of strings to be displayed.

Modified in menucon.t[590]:
Menu topic item - console UI implementation

Modified in menuweb.t[240]:
Menu topic item - console UI implementation

class MenuTopicItem :   MenuItem

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Global Objects  


Summary of Properties  

chunkSize  heading  lastDisplayed  menuContents  menuTopicListEnd  nextMenuTopicLink  title 

Inherited from MenuItem :
bgcolor  curKeyList  curMenu  fgcolor  fullScreenMode  indent  isOpen  keyList  prevMenuLink  topbarbg  topbarfg  topMenu 

Inherited from MenuObject :
contents  menuOrder 

Summary of Methods  

displaySubItem  getNextTopicXML  getTopicXML  getXML  redrawWinHtml  showMenuHtml  showMenuText 

Inherited from MenuItem :
display  enterSubMenu  formatXML  getChildIndex  getKeysXML  getNextMenu  getPrevMenu  refreshTopMenuBanner  removeStatusLine  removeTopMenuBanner  showMenu  showTopMenuBanner  updateContents 

Inherited from MenuObject :
addToContents  compareForMenuSort  execute  initializeContents  initializeLocation 



The maximum number of our sub-items that we'll display at once. This is only used on interpreters with banner capabilities, and is ignored in full-screen mode.

heading, displayed while we're showing this topic list

the index of the last item we displayed from our menuContents list

A list of strings and/or MenuTopicSubItem items. Each one of these is meant to be something like a single hint on our topic. We display these items one at a time when our menu item is selected.

we'll display this after we've shown all of our items

hyperlink text for showing the next menu

the name of this topic, as it appears in our parent menu


displaySubItem (idx, lastBeforeInput, eol)menucon.t[875]

Display an item from our list. 'idx' is the index in our list of the item to display. 'lastBeforeInput' indicates whether or not this is the last item we're going to show before pausing for user input. 'eol' gives the newline sequence to display at the end of the line.

getNextTopicXML ( )menuweb.t[270]
get the next topic, in XML format

getTopicXML (i)menuweb.t[281]
get the XML formatted description of the item at the given index

getXML (from)OVERRIDDENmenuweb.t[242]
get the XML description of my menu list

redrawWinHtml (topIdx)menucon.t[782]
redraw the window in HTML mode, starting with the given item at the top of the window

showMenuHtml (topMenu)OVERRIDDENmenucon.t[654]
Display and run our menu in HTML mode.

showMenuText (topMenu)OVERRIDDENmenucon.t[594]
Display and run our menu in text mode.

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