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TADS 3 Library: Pre-Conditions.

This module defines the library pre-conditions. A pre-condition is an abstract object that encapsulates a condition that is required to apply before a command can be executed, and optionally an implied command that can bring the condition into effect. Pre-conditions can be associated with actions or with the objects of an action.

Summary of Classes  

ObjectPreCondition  ObjOpenCondition  PreCondition  SameLocationCondition  TouchObjCondition  TravelerDirectlyInRoom 

Summary of Global Objects  

actorDirectlyInRoom  actorReadyToEnterNestedRoom  actorStanding  actorTravelReady  canTalkToObj  dobjTouchObj  doorOpen  dropDestinationIsOuterRoom  iobjTouchObj  objAudible  objBurning  objClosed  objEmpty  objHeld  objNotWorn  objOpen  objSmellable  objUnlocked  objVisible  roomToHoldObj  sameLocationAsDobj  sameLocationAsIobj  touchObj 

Summary of Global Functions  


Global Functions  


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