global data object for this module

mainGlobal :   object

Superclass Tree   (in declaration order)


Summary of Properties  

mainRestoreFunc  preinited_  reflectionObj  restartID 

Summary of Methods  




pointer to mainRestore function, if defined

flag: we've run pre-initialization

The global reflection object - if the program is compiled with the standard reflection module, that module will set this property to point to the reflection object.

We use this so that we don't require the reflection module to be included. If the module isn't included, this will be nil, so we'll know not to use reflection. If this is not nil, we'll know we can use reflection services.

Restart ID. This is an integer that indicates how the main entrypoint was last reached. This is initially zero; each time we restart the game, this is incremented.

The restart ID is the only information that survives across a restart boundary. Other than this, entering via a restart is exactly like loading the program from scratch; all other information about the program state before the restart is lost in the restart operation.



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