The main game score object.

libScore :   PreinitObject

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Summary of Properties  

fullScoreList  scoreNotify  totalScore 

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execAfterMe  execBeforeMe  hasInitialized_  isDoingExec_  isExecuted_ 

Summary of Methods  

addToScore_  calcMaxScore  execute  runScoreNotifier  showFullScore  showScore  showScoreRank 

Inherited from ModuleExecObject :
_execute  classExec 



Vector for the full score achievement list. This is a list of all of the Achievement objects awarded for accomplishments so far.

current score notification status - if on, we'll show a message at the end of each turn where the score changes, otherwise we won't mention anything

the total number of points scored so far


addToScore_ (points, desc)score.t[310]

Add to the score. 'points' is the number of points to add to the score, and 'desc' is a string describing the reason the points are being awarded, or an Achievement object describing the points.

We keep a list of each unique achievement. If 'desc' is already in this list, we'll simply add the given number of points to the existing entry for the same description.

Note that, if 'desc' is an Achievement object, it will match a previous item only if it's exactly the same Achievement instance.

calcMaxScore ( )score.t[463]
Compute the sum of the maximum point values of the Achievement objects in the game. Point values are optional in Achievement objects; if there are no Achievement objects with non-nil point values, this will simply return nil.

execute ( )OVERRIDDENscore.t[503]
execute pre-initialization

runScoreNotifier ( )score.t[369]
Explicitly run the score notification daemon.

showFullScore ( )score.t[430]
Display the full score. 'explicit' is true if the player asked for the full score explicitly, as with a FULL SCORE command; if we're showing the full score automatically in the course of some other action, 'explicit' should be nil.

showScore ( )score.t[378]
Show the simple score

showScoreRank (points)score.t[400]
show the score rank message

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