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This module defines some useful helper functions for implementing a TADS game with a Web-based user interface.

Summary of Classes  

ClientEventRequest  ClientSession  DownloadTempFile  WebCommandWin  WebLayoutWindow  WebResource  WebResourceGroup  WebResourceInit  WebResourceResFile  WebStatusWin  WebUIPrefs  WebUIProfile  WebWindow 

Summary of Global Objects  

coverArtResource  eventPage  flushEventsPage  guestConnectPage  inputDialogPage  inputEventPage  inputFileCancel  inputFilePage  inputLinePage  mainWebGroup  morePromptDonePage  setPrefsPage  setScreenNamePage  tempFileDownloadPage  uiStatePage  uploadFilePage  webMainWin  webSession  webuiResources 

Summary of Global Functions  

generateRandomKey  processNetRequests 

Global Functions  

generateRandomKey ( )webui.t[360]

Generate a random key. This returns a 128-bit random number as a hex string. This is designed for ephemeral identifiers, such as session keys.

processNetRequests (doneFunc, timeout?)webui.t[1493]
Process network requests. Continues until doneFunc() returns true, or a timeout or error occurs. If we return because doneFunc() returned true, we'll return nil. Otherwise, we'll return the NetEvent that terminated the wait.

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