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TADS 3 Library - Lister class

This module defines the "Lister" class, which generates formatted lists of objects, and several subclasses of Lister that generate special kinds of lists.

Summary of Classes  

ContentsLister  DescContentsLister  DividedInventoryLister  GroupSublister  InventoryLister  InventorySublister  Lister  ListGroup  ListGroupCustom  ListGroupEquivalent  ListGroupParen  ListGroupPrefixSuffix  ListGroupSorted  ParagraphLister  RoomActorGrouper  SenseLister  SimpleLister  SpecialDescContentsLister  WearingLister  WearingSublister 

Summary of Global Objects  

actorCarryingSublister  actorWearingSublister  inventoryListenLister  inventorySmellLister  listenActionLister  objectLister  plainActorLister  plainLister  roomListenLister  roomSmellLister  smellActionLister  specialDescLister  stringLister 

Summary of Global Functions  


Global Functions  


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