Tads.org Privacy Policy

Our basic privacy policy is simple: tads.org is a non-commercial service, and we won't attempt to exploit any of our users' personal information for commercial gain. We're not selling anything, so we will never ask you for a credit card number, social security number, or any other sensitive information of that nature.

You can access most tads.org features without giving us any personal information, beyond what your browser transmits as a matter of course in every Web page request.

Some features on this site require user registration (for example, you must register before you can report a bug through the Bug Database system). You don't have to register if you don't want to use these features. If you do choose to register, we won't sell, rent, or otherwise attempt to commercially exploit any personal information you give us when your register. Some information you enter might be displayed on the site for other users to see; we try to make it clear when you enter registration information which parts are visible to other users and which parts are not. Beyond the information that's displayed to other users on the site, we won't share your registration information with anyone else (except in cases where we're legally compelled to do so, such as by a law enforcement agency or court). We won't send you any email except for necessary administrative messages (for example, we send a confirmation message when you first register so that we can verify that you entered a valid address).

"Cookies" are small files that your browser stores on your computer on behalf of our server. We use cookies for certain technical purposes in maintaining your session with our server. The cookies we store don't contain your password or any other personal information.

(This policy applies to the main tads.org site. IFDB has a separate privacy policy, which can be viewed on that site.)