TADS Links

Eric Eve's TADS 3 Resources Page

Eric Eve is the author of much of the documentation that's included with the TADS 3 system packages. Eric's TADS 3 page offers several additional resources for authors working with TADS 3, including a collection of sample games, quick-reference charts, translations of some well-known Inform example games into TADS 3, and pointers to Eric's own games.

The TADS Page

Neil K. Guy's TADS Page has a wealth of information on TADS that goes well beyond what we offer here, including lots of help for beginners, pointers to the software, on-line documentation, and an especially helpful tip sheet that addresses some of things about TADS that new authors often find most confusing. (Neil's site is also vastly more appealing graphically than this one, so if you're tired of wading through all of the plain text here, Neil's site will be a welcome change.)

HyperTADS for Macintosh

Iain Merrick and Andrew Pontious created HyperTADS, a full-featured the HTML TADS Interpreter for Mac OS 9. You can find details on the HyperTADS page.


David Batterham created PocketTADS, a TADS interpreter for PocketPC and PocketPC 2002. (PocketPC is also known as Windows CE.) David's PocketTADS page has screenshots and download links.