UI Settings list. This represents a named UI settings profile in the Web UI. A profile is a list of name/value pairs.

Most of the name keys are style IDs defined in the javascript for on the UI side - see main.js. These style IDs are arbitrary keys we define to identify UI elements - "mainFont" for the main font name, "statusBkg" for the status-line window's background color, etc. Each style ID generally corresponds to a dialog control widget in the preferences dialog in the javascript UI, and also corresponds to one or more CSS style selectors. The mapping from style ID to CSS is defined in the UI javascript (see prefsMapper in main.js).

The non-style key "profileName" is the user-visible name of this profile. Internally, we refer to profiles using ID values, which are arbitrary identifiers generated by the UI when it creates a new profile (it currently uses integer keys).

class WebUIProfile :   object

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Global Objects  


Summary of Properties  

profileID  settings 

Summary of Methods  

construct  forEach  setItem 



internal ID of the profile

table of style value strings, keyed by style ID


construct (id)webui.t[2334]

no description available

forEach (func)webui.t[2347]
call a callback for each style: func(id, val)

setItem (id, val)webui.t[2341]
set a preference item in the profile

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