A WebResourceGroup is a container for WebResource objects. When a server receives a request, it looks in its group list to find the resource object that will handle the request.

class WebResourceGroup :   object

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all  contents  priority  server 

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isGroupFor  processRequest 



class property: list of all WebResourceGroup objects

the WebResource objects in the group

The priority of the group, relative to other groups. If the same server matches multiple groups, this allows you to designate which group has precedence. A higher value means higher priority.

The HTTPServer object or objects this group is associated with. The general event processor uses this to route a request to the appropriate resource group, by finding the group that's associated with the server that received the request.

To associate a group with multiple servers, make this a list.


isGroupFor (req)webui.t[1234]

Should this group handle the given request? By default, we say yes if the server that received the request is associated with this group via the group's 'server' property.

processRequest (req)webui.t[1274]
Process a request. This looks for the highest priority matching resource in the group, then hands the request to that resource for processing.

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