Base class for the inventory sub-lister for items being worn. We use a special listing method to show these items, so that items being shown explicitly in a worn list can be shown differently from the way they would in a normal inventory list. (For example, a worn item in a normal inventory list might show a "(worn)" indication, whereas it would not want to show a similar indication in a list of objects explicitly being worn.)

This type of lister should normally only be used from within an inventory lister. This type of lister assumes that it's part of a larger listing controlled externally; for example, we don't show out-of-line contents, since we assume the caller will be doing this.

class WearingSublister :   WearingLister

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showListEmpty  showListPrefixWide  showListSuffixWide  showSeparateContents 

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showListItem  showListItemCounted 

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isListed  showContentsList  showInlineContentsList 

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contentsListed  contentsListedSeparately  getArrangedListCardinality  getArrangedListNounPhraseCount  getContents  getFilteredList  getListedContents  getListGrouping  getTopLister  listCardinality  listSepEnd  listSepMiddle  listSepTwo  listWith  longListSepEnd  longListSepMiddle  longListSepTwo  showArrangedList  showList  showListAll  showListContentsPrefixTall  showListIndent  showListPrefixTall  showListSeparator  showListSimple  showTallListNewline 




showListEmpty (pov, parent)OVERRIDDENlister.t[1731]

no description available

showListPrefixWide (itemCount, pov, parent)OVERRIDDENlister.t[1729]
don't show any prefix, suffix, or 'empty' messages

showListSuffixWide (itemCount, pov, parent)OVERRIDDENlister.t[1730]
no description available

showSeparateContents (pov, lst, options, infoTab)OVERRIDDENlister.t[1734]
don't show out-of-line contents

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