Sub-lister for listing the contents of a group. This lister shows a simple list with no prefix or suffix, and otherwise uses the characteristics of the parent lister.

class GroupSublister :   object

Superclass Tree   (in declaration order)


Subclass Tree  


Global Objects  


Summary of Properties  

parentGroup  parentLister 

Summary of Methods  

construct  getTopLister  propNotDefined  showListEmpty  showListItem  showListItemCounted  showListPrefixTall  showListPrefixWide  showListSuffixWide 



my parent list group

my parent lister


construct (parentLister, parentGroup)lister.t[1341]

no description available

getTopLister ( )lister.t[1386]
get the top-level lister - returns my parent's top-level lister

propNotDefined (prop, [args])lister.t[1380]
delegate everything we don't explicitly handle to our parent lister

showListEmpty (pov, parent)lister.t[1354]
show nothing when empty

showListItem (obj, options, pov, infoTab)lister.t[1361]
Show an item in the list. Rather than going through the parent lister directly, we go through the parent group, so that it can customize the display of items in the group.

showListItemCounted (lst, options, pov, infoTab)lister.t[1372]
Show a counted item in the group. As with showListItem, we ask the parent group to do the work, so that it can customize the display if desired.

showListPrefixTall (itemCount, pov, parent)lister.t[1351]
no description available

showListPrefixWide (itemCount, pov, parent)lister.t[1349]
no prefix or suffix

showListSuffixWide (itemCount, pov, parent)lister.t[1350]
no description available

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