A SimpleLister provides simplified interfaces for creating formatted lists.

class SimpleLister :   Lister

Superclass Tree   (in declaration order)


Subclass Tree  


Global Objects  

objectLister  stringLister 

Summary of Properties  

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Summary of Methods  

isListed  makeSimpleList  showSimpleList 

Inherited from Lister :
contentsListed  contentsListedSeparately  getArrangedListCardinality  getArrangedListNounPhraseCount  getContents  getFilteredList  getListedContents  getListGrouping  getTopLister  listCardinality  listSepEnd  listSepMiddle  listSepTwo  listWith  longListSepEnd  longListSepMiddle  longListSepTwo  showArrangedList  showContentsList  showInlineContentsList  showList  showListAll  showListContentsPrefixTall  showListEmpty  showListIndent  showListItem  showListItemCounted  showListPrefixTall  showListPrefixWide  showListSeparator  showListSimple  showListSuffixWide  showSeparateContents  showTallListNewline 




isListed (obj)OVERRIDDENlister.t[1280]

by default, everything given to a simple lister is listed

makeSimpleList (lst)lister.t[1287]
Format a simple list, but rather than displaying the result, return it as a string. This simply displays the list as normal, but captures the output as a string and returns it.

showSimpleList (lst)lister.t[1274]
Show a formatted list given a list of items. This lets you create a formatted list from an item list without worrying about visibility or other factors that affect the full Lister interfaces.

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