Base class for the inventory sub-lister for items being carried. This is a minor specialization of the basic inventory lister; in this version, we omit any prefix, suffix, or empty messages, since we'll rely on the caller to combine our raw listing with the raw 'wearing' listing to form the full results.

This type of lister should normally only be used from within an inventory lister. This type of lister assumes that it's part of a larger listing controlled externally; for example, we don't show out-of-line contents, since we assume the caller will be doing this.

class InventorySublister :   InventoryLister

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showListEmpty  showListPrefixWide  showListSuffixWide  showSeparateContents 

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isListed  showContentsList  showInlineContentsList  showListItem  showListItemCounted 

Inherited from Lister :
contentsListed  contentsListedSeparately  getArrangedListCardinality  getArrangedListNounPhraseCount  getContents  getFilteredList  getListedContents  getListGrouping  getTopLister  listCardinality  listSepEnd  listSepMiddle  listSepTwo  listWith  longListSepEnd  longListSepMiddle  longListSepTwo  showArrangedList  showList  showListAll  showListContentsPrefixTall  showListIndent  showListPrefixTall  showListSeparator  showListSimple  showTallListNewline 




showListEmpty (pov, parent)OVERRIDDENlister.t[1707]

no description available

showListPrefixWide (itemCount, pov, parent)OVERRIDDENlister.t[1705]
don't show any prefix, suffix, or 'empty' messages

showListSuffixWide (itemCount, pov, parent)OVERRIDDENlister.t[1706]
no description available

showSeparateContents (pov, lst, options, infoTab)OVERRIDDENlister.t[1710]
don't show out-of-line contents

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