Sensory-context-sensitive fuse - this is a fuse with an explicit sensory context. We'll run the fuse in its sense context, so any messages generated will be visible only if the given source object is reachable by the player character in the given sense.

Conceptually, the source object is considered the source of any messages that the fuse generates, and the messages pertain to the given sense; so if the player character cannot sense the source object in the given sense, the messages should not be displayed. For example, if the fuse will describe the noise made by an alarm clock when the alarm goes off, the source object would be the alarm clock and the sense would be sound; this way, if the player character isn't in hearing range of the alarm clock when the alarm goes off, we won't display messages about the alarm noise.

class SenseFuse :   Fuse

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eventOrder  isPromptDaemon  nextRunTime 

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obj_  prop_  sense_  source_ 

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delayEvent  getNextRunTime  removeEvent 

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callMethod  eventMatches 




construct (obj, prop, turns, source, sense)OVERRIDDENevents.t[728]

no description available

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