Changes for v3.0.9
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·Correction to the code for the vending machine slot in PlugAttachable to prevent the coin reappearing once the ticket is issued.  
·Definition of the endGame function in cannotGoThatWayInDark corrected, and the redundant redefinition in Dynamite removed.  
·Added a section on the TravelConnector class.  
·Added a section on the mainOutputStream object.  
·Changed definition of longCaveWords to reflect the fact that it's no longer necessary to override isListedInRoomPart().  
·remoteInitSpecialDesc() now takes actor instead of pov as its parameter.  
·Use the new macro gTopicText in DefaultAskTellTopic in place of gTopic.getTopicText.  
·Provided examples of dobjMsg and failCheck() which also correct previous bugs on the glassJar object. The failCheck() method has also been used in one or two other places instead of the previous lengthier construct.  
·Corrected an error on the oilLamp object by using the new failCheck routine.  
·Added a note of the new Hint, SyncEventList and Unthing templates. The use of the new Unthing template is also discussed in the Unthing section, and of the Hint template in the Hint section.  
·Added a discussion of some of the main properties and methods on Lockable, including the new lockStatusReportable.  
·Added a brief discussion of BasicDoor and noted that Door and SecretDoor now inherit from it.  
·Added sections on Openable and BasicOpenable.  
·Removed iobjFor(BurnWith) code on RedCandle that's no longer necessary with TADS 3.0.9.  
·Added a brief description of the new moveIntoAdd() and moveOutOf methods for RoomParts.  
·Updated the explanation of verboseMode on gameMain.  
·Added an example of RoomPartItem.  
·Added an explanation of the new SensoryEmanation property isEmanating in the Odor section.  
·Added a discussion of the revised occludeObj() method and the new isOccludedBy() method to the Occluder section.  
·Added a brief section on RandomFiringScript and amended the superclass lists of RandomEventList and ShuffledEventList to show that they now inherit from it.  
·Added an example of the new AutoClosingDoor property reportAutoClose().  
·Added a brief section on using the past tense in TADS 3.0.9.  
·Corrected sundry typos.