Changes for v3.0.10
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·Added a switch to the Tardis console to open and close the door.  
·Changed the implementation of the back of the small picture.  
·Added a section on BagOfHolding.  
·Removed the random element from the mainDeck connector in Floorless.  
·Added information on isSticky, limitSuggestions and blockEndConv for ConvNode.  
·Updated the information on the locating of ConversationNodes.  
·Modified the definition of the scales object to use the library property putInName.  
·Added further advice on the use of keywordList in SpecialTopic.  
·Added an explanation of setSuperclassList (and setSuperclassList).  
·Added a section on DeadEndConnector, and modified appropriate parts of the Banana source code to use it; made corresponding changes to the explanation of FakeConnector.  
·Added a section on OneTimePromptDaemon.  
·Added a chapter on ModuleExecObjects (such as InitObject and PreinitObject)  
·Added brief sections on LeaveByeTopic and BoredByeTopic.  
·Explained the addition of an initiallyLocked property to Lockable.  
·Changed the discussion of CollectiveGroup to reflect the new collectiveGroups property.  
·Added a brief note on RestrictedHolder and its new subclasses to the end of the section on RestrictedContainer.  
·Added an explanation of getEnteredVerbPhrase() to the PathPassage section.