RandomFiringScript: object
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RandomFiringScript is a mix-in class that can be added to any Script-like object to reduce the percentage of time it fires. ShuffledEventList and RandomEventList already inherit from RandomFiringScript, but you can mix with any of the other Script subclasses, provided you list it first, e.g.

myScript: RandomFiringScript, EventList
        'The golden banana emits a cloud of purple smoke. ',
     eventPercent = 50

You can set the eventPercent property (an integer between 0 and 100) to define the proportion of turns in which you want one of the events (normally just displaying a string) to occur (for example, setting eventPercent = 75 would cause a random event to be selected on average in three turns out of every four). By default, eventPercent is 100. Additionally, if you wish, you can have this percentage fall (or even rise!) to a new value, eventReduceTo after eventReduceAfter turns. If eventReduceAfter is nil (as it is by default) then the eventPercent never changes.