Changes for v3.0.8
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The ShipboardRoom class renamed Shipboard.

The custom TardisRoom class is no longer used in the sample game, since it is identical to the new ShipboardRoom.

Added a slightly fuller explanation (or rather, warning against abuse of) the locationList property of MultiLoc.

Added to the explanation of roomParts, specifically in relation to changing or moving them dynamically during the course of a game.

Added an explanation of the new specialTopicHistory object to the description of SpecialTopic.

Changed the gameMain definition to use the new setAboutBox() method.

Added a brief explanation of the new gameMain property allVerbsAllowAll.

Amended the final couple of paragraphs in the description of ComplexContainer to take account of new features (specifically the remapping of isOpen, isLocked, makeOpen and makeLocked to the subContainer).

Amended the definition of the custom RedCandle class to fix an obscure bug in the sample game.

Added a new section on Occluder.

Corrected a number of typos.