Output stream window.

This is an abstract base class for UI widgets that have output streams, such as Banner Windows and Web UI windows. This base class essentially handles the interior of the window, and leaves the details of the window's layout in the broader UI to subclasses.

class OutputStreamWindow :   object

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captureOutput  createOutputStream  createOutputStreamObj  setOutputStream 



My output stream - this is a transient OutputStream instance. Subclasses must create this explicitly by calling createOutputStream() when the underlying UI window is first created.


captureOutput (func)output.t[1955]

Invoke the given callback function, setting the default output stream to the window's output stream for the duration of the call. This allows invoking any code that writes to the current default output stream and displaying the result in the window.

createOutputStream ( )output.t[1990]
Create our output stream. We'll create the appropriate output stream subclass and set it up with our default output filters. Subclasses can override this as needed to customize the filters.

createOutputStreamObj ( )output.t[2007]
Create the output stream object. Subclasses can override this to create the appropriate stream subclass. Note that the stream should always be created as a transient object.

setOutputStream ( )output.t[1979]
Make my output stream the default in the output manager. Returns the previous default output stream; the caller can note the return value and use it later to restore the original output stream via a call to outputManager.setOutputStream(), if desired.

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