Log Console output stream. This is a simple wrapper for the system log console, which allows console-style output to be captured to a file, with full processing (HTML expansion, word wrapping, etc) but without displaying anything to the game window.

This class should always be instantiated with transient instances, since the underlying system object doesn't participate in save/restore operations.

class LogConsole :   OutputStream

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filterList_  justDidPara  justDidParaSuppressor  myInputManager 

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captureToFile  closeConsole  construct  writeFromStream 

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addOutputFilter  addOutputFilterBelow  applyFilters  applyTextFilters  captureOutput  execute  inputLineEnd  removeOutputFilter  watchForOutput  writeToStream 

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_execute  classExec 



our system log console handle


captureToFile (filename, charset, width, func)output.t[1884]

Utility method: create a log file, set up to capture all console output to the log file, run the given callback function, and then close the log file and restore the console output. This can be used as a simple means of creating a file that captures the output of a command.

closeConsole ( )output.t[1919]
Close the console. This closes the underlying system log console, which closes the operating system file. No further text can be written to the console after it's closed.

construct (filename, charset, width)OVERRIDDENoutput.t[1899]
create a log console

writeFromStream (txt)OVERRIDDENoutput.t[1933]
low-level stream writer - write to our system log console

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