Web Banner Window. This is designed as a *partial* drop-in replacement for the BannerWindow class, using Web UI windows as implemented in the core TADS javascript client.

This class is designed to be mixed with a WebWindow subclass.

This isn't a complete replacement for BannerWindow, because the layout model for the Web UI is different from the banner window model (the Web UI model is better and more flexible). This class implements the parts of the BannerWindow API related to the stream-oriented output to the window, so you shouldn't have to change anything that writes HTML text to the window. However, you will have to rework code that sets up the window's layout to use the Web UI model.

class WebBannerWin :   OutputStreamWindow

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createOutputStreamObj  flushBanner  init  setSize  sizeToContents  writeToBanner 

Inherited from OutputStreamWindow :
captureOutput  createOutputStream  setOutputStream 




createOutputStreamObj ( )OVERRIDDENbrowser.t[748]

create our output stream subclass

flushBanner ( )browser.t[754]
flush output

init ( )browser.t[741]
Initialize. Call this when first displaying the window in the UI.

setSize (siz, units, advisory)browser.t[770]
Banner window size settings. We simply ignore these; callers must rework their layout logic for the Web UI, since the javascript layout system is so different.

sizeToContents ( )browser.t[771]
no description available

writeToBanner (txt)browser.t[760]
write text

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