keepAllFailures - property of implicitAnnouncementGrouper in msg_neu.t[5487]
Key - class in extras.t[1640]
keyDoesNotFitLockMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3924]
keyDoesNotFitLockMsg - property of npcActionMessages in msg_neu.t[4316]
KeyedContainer - class in objects.t[5113]
keyFitsLock - method of LockableWithKey in objects.t[4027]
keyIsPlausible - method of LockableWithKey in objects.t[4067]
keyList - property of MenuItem in menusys.t[347]
keyList - property of LockableWithKey in objects.t[4070]
keyNotDetachableMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3266]
keyNotOnKeyringMsg - property of playerActionMessages in msg_neu.t[3263]
keyNotPlausibleMsg - property of Key in extras.t[1732]
Keyring - class in extras.t[1277]
keyringExamineContentsLister - object in msg_neu.t[5076]
keyringInlineContentsLister - object in msg_neu.t[5065]
keysToList - method of LookupTable in lookup.h[86]
keyVal - property of LogicalVerifyResult in verify.t[281]
keyVal - property of defaultLogicalVerifyResult in verify.t[422]
keywordList - property of SpecialTopic in actor.t[3766]
KissAction - class in actions.t[2125]
knownKeyList - property of LockableWithKey in objects.t[4077]
knownProp - property of Actor in actor.t[8228]
knowsAbout - method of Actor in actor.t[8195]
knowsTopic - method of Actor in actor.t[8243]
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