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A SuggestedAskTopic is the particular type of SuggestedTopic that prompts the player to Tell About such-and-such a thing.

For example, you might want to tell Sarah about the rockfall blocking the obvious way back out:

+ TellTopic, SuggestedTellTopic, StopEventList @tRockfall
     {: "<q>We won't get out the way we came it,</q> you warn her, <q>I'm
        afraid there's just been a rockfall, blocking the way back out
        to the outside world!</q> <<sarah.setKnowsAbout(tRockfall)>>\b
        <q>Oh wonderful!</q> {the sarah/she} declares, as if it was your
        fault. " },
     '<q>The way out back through the caves is blocked by a rockfall.</q>
       you say.\b
      <q>Yes, you already told me.</q> she reminds you. '         
   timesToSuggest = 1
   name = 'the rockfall'
   isActive = entranceTunnel.blocked

tRockfall : Topic 'rockfall' sarahKnowsAbout = nil;

Note that we set timesToSuggest here because we overrode it on SuggestedTopic to be the length of the list, but here only the first response is really worth seeing. In case at a later date we want any of Sarah's responses to depend on whether she knows about the rockfall or not, we call sarah.setKnowsAbout(tRockfall), although since Sarah is likely to be the only NPC interested in this we could perhaps more simply have used <.reveal rockfall>, which we could test with gRevealed('rockfall'). We also set isActive so that the player character can't talk about the rockfall before it happens. Note finally that we also need to define the tRockfall Topic; be careful not to mix this is with the TopicEntries, which might upset the location nesting tree.