SuggestedGiveTopic : SuggestedTopic
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A SuggestedAskTopic is the particular type of SuggestedTopic that suggests to the player that s/he could Give such-and-such to so-and-so.

For example, if we want to suggest to the player that he might give the carbuncle to the curator, we could add the following to the appropriate GiveTopic (previously defined):

++ GiveTopic, SuggestedGiveTopic @carbuncle
   "{The curator/he} takes the carbuncle and examines it carefully, then declares,
   <q>Wunderbar! Ausgezeichnet! This is the famous purple carbuncle of King Solomon,
   nicht wahr? And you are giving it to the museum? How kind, how very kind!</q> 
   Pausing just to wipe the tears of excitement and gratitude out of his eyes, he
   continues, <q>I shall enroll you on our roll of honoured benefactors <i>at once</i>!
   Please, please, do feel free to inspect the special treasures in our benefactors'
   exhibition room any time you please!</q>";
  name = 'the carbuncle'