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A ShowTopic is very similar to a GiveTopic, except that it handles the SHOW TO command rather than the GIVE TO command. We might, for example, use it to display a different response if the player character merely shows Sarah her lost diamond ring rather than returning it to her:

++ ShowTopic @diamondRing
   "{The sarah/she} inspects the ring then looks up at you, <q>Yes, that's my ring!</q>
    she declares, <q>May I have it, please?</q>"

Note that in this case, the topicResponse is simply a double-quoted string, which the TopicEntry template can cope with, so we don't need to write out topicEntry as an explicit method. However, in this case the response is a bit too simplistic, since Sarah will keep repeating the response each time she's shown the ring. It would be better if we used, say, a StopEventList to show a sequence of responses if the player character keeps showing Sarah the ring without giving it to her:

++ ShowTopic, StopEventList @diamondRing
    '{The sarah/she} inspects the ring then looks up at you, <q>Yes, that\'s my ring!</q>
    she declares, <q>May I have it, please?</q>',
    '<q>I think we\'ve already established that\'s my ring.</q> she points out, <q>I\'d
     like it back now, please.</q>',
    '{The sarah/she} holds out her hand to you with a look of one doing her best to
     bear patiently with someone unusually slow of understanding. '

On the other hand, perhaps we can get away with one response should the player show the carbuncle to the curator:

++ ShowTopic @carbuncle
  "{The curator/he} stares at the carbuncle in your hand, <q>Is that what I think
   it is?</q> he wonders, <q>May I have a closer look?</q>"

You may recall a little way back we left the path down into Hellfire Cavern blocked by a nasty bunch of demons. The Baaras root Solomon is busily studying is meant to be good for disposing of demons (or so Josephus tells us), so perhaps showing it to the demons will do the trick:

++ GiveShowTopic @baarasRoot
     "As you produce the baaras root and hold it up before their demonic little
      eyes, it starts to glow an eerie pink colour. <q>Begone foul fiends!</q> you
      cry, <q>By the power of Solomon's Baaras Root, and with the incantation he
      forgot to teach me - er - I banish all evil spirits, all demons and creatures unclean,
      into the Almighty Garbage Collection routine whence no Dangling Reference shall 
      ever return!</q>\b
      <q>Ah no! Mandragora Maxima!</q> cries one of the demons.\n
      <q>Eek no! The forgotten incantation!</q> shrieks another.\n
      <q>Fie and double discombobulation, the Almighty Garbage Collector!</q> squeals
      <q>RunDaemon, RunDaemon!</q> yells a fourth.\b
      As the demons turn in terror and try to flee, the Baaras root
      grows ever brighter in your hand, shedding its piercing pink rays over the
      demonic horde, so that even as they start to clamber down the slope they 
      shimmer and dissolve, turning into plumes of oily black smoke which
      vanishes like a mist. ";

On the other hand, showing them the banana will get them worked up for other reasons:

++ ShowTopic @goldenBanana
  "As you hold up the Golden Banana of Discord for the demons to see they 
   become very excited indeed. <q>Give us our Banana back!</q> they cry,
   <q>Yes, we have no banana, we want our banana today!</q> they sing,
   <q>Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!</q> they insist.\b
   <q>Pretty please?</q> one of them adds plaintively. "

Since showing the Baaras root to the demons clears them out of the way, we ought to code the locations the player character will then be able to reach:

basaltPlain : OutdoorRoom 'Basalt Plain' 'the basalt plain'
  "To the north this rough, grey basalt plain is bordered by the fiery volcano;
   to the south it comes to the end at a steep rocky slope, which can be ascended
   by means of steep stone steps. Progress across the bleak plain looks difficult,
   since the ground is broken, pitted and uneven. "
  south asExit(up)
  north = baseOfVolcano
  east : FakeConnector { "You struggle a few dozen yards to the east, but the effort
    seems so unrewarding that you quickly turn back. " }
  west : FakeConnector { "You stumble over the broken ground to the west, but there
    doesn't appear to be anything interesting in that direction so you quickly
    abandon the attempt as futile. " }
  up = basaltPathUp

+ basaltPathUp : StairwayUp -> hellPathDown 'stone upward up steps' 'steep stone steps'
 isPlural = true

baseOfVolcano : OutdoorRoom 'Base of Volcano' 'the base of the volcano'
  "The harsh basalt plain to the south comes to the end at the base of a
   volcanic mountain that's busily belching flames and smoke. A narrow path
   leads uninvitingly up the side of the volcano. "
  south = basaltPlain
  north asExit(up)
  up = volcanoPath

+ volcanoPath : StairwayUp ->volcanoPathDown 'narrow up path' 'narrow path up'

At this point you might want to add these two new rooms to the Distant volcano object's locatiobList:

MultiLoc, Distant 'mount volcano/gloom' 'volcano'
   "The volcano rises up from the basalt plain like an angry sore, belching fumes,
    smoke and occasional balls of lava, which spit from the summit and ooze
    pus-like down its rugged slopes. "
   locationList = [hellFireCavern, hellPath, basaltPlain, baseOfVolcano]

Note at this point we have finally connected up the full path to the lava pool where the Golden Banana of Discord is to be destroyed.