Some helper routines for the library messages.

class MessageHelper :   object

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libMessages  playerActionMessages 

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askDisambigList  shortTIMsg  shortTMsg 




askDisambigList (matchList, fullMatchList, showIndefCounts, dist)en_us.t[3160]

Show a list of objects for a disambiguation query. If 'showIndefCounts' is true, we'll show the number of equivalent items for each equivalent item; otherwise, we'll just show an indefinite noun phrase for each equivalent item.

shortTIMsg (short, long)en_us.t[3270]
For a TIAction result, select the short-form or long-form message. This works just like shortTIMsg(), but takes into account both the direct and indirect objects.

shortTMsg (short, long)en_us.t[3247]
For a TAction result, select the short-form or long-form message, according to the disambiguation status of the action. This is for the ultra-terse default messages, such as "Taken" or "Dropped", that sometimes need more descriptive variations.

If there was no disambiguation involved, we'll use the short version of the message.

If there was unclear disambiguation involved (meaning that there was more than one logical object matching a noun phrase, but the parser was able to decide based on likelihood rankings), we'll still use the short version, because we assume that the parser will have generated a parenthetical announcement to point out its choice.

If there was clear disambiguation involved (meaning that more than one in-scope object matched a noun phrase, but there was only one choice that passed the logicalness tests), AND the announcement mode (in gameMain.ambigAnnounceMode) is DescribeClear, we'll choose the long-form message.

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