Deferred NPC messages. We use this to report deferred messages from an NPC to the player. A message is deferred when a parsing error occurs, but the NPC can't talk to the player because there's no sense path to the player. When this happens, the NPC queues the message for eventual delivery; when a sense path appears later that lets the NPC talk to the player, we deliver the message through this object. Since these messages describe conditions that occurred in the past, we use the past tense to phrase the messages.

Some messages will never be deferred:

commandNotHeard - if a command is not heard, it will never enter an actor's command queue; the error is given immediately in response to the command entry.

refuseCommandBusy - same as commandNotHeard

noMatchDisambig - interactive disambiguation will not happen in a deferred response situation, so it is impossible to have an interactive disambiguation failure.

disambigOrdinalOutOfRange - for the same reason noMatchDisambig can't be deferred.

askDisambig - if we couldn't display a message, we definitely couldn't perform interactive disambiguation.

askMissingObject - for the same reason that askDisambig can't be deferred

askUnknownWord - for the same reason that askDisambig can't be deferred.

npcDeferredMessagesDirect :   npcDeferredMessages

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ambiguousNounPhrase  askMissingObject  commandNotUnderstood  emptyNounPhrase  insufficientQuantity  noMatchCannotSee  noMatchForAll  noMatchForAllBut  noMatchNotAware  singleObjectRequired  uniqueObjectRequired  wordIsUnknown  zeroQuantity 




ambiguousNounPhrase (actor, originalText, matchList, fullMatchList)msg_neu.t[2526]

we found an ambiguous noun phrase, but we were unable to perform interactive disambiguation

askMissingObject (actor, action, which)msg_neu.t[2533]
an object phrase was missing

commandNotUnderstood (actor)msg_neu.t[2458]
no description available

emptyNounPhrase (actor)msg_neu.t[2488]
empty noun phrase ('take the')

insufficientQuantity (actor, txt, matchList, requiredNum)msg_neu.t[2502]
insufficient quantity to meet a command request ('take five books')

noMatchCannotSee (actor, txt)msg_neu.t[2465]
no match for a noun phrase

noMatchForAll (actor)msg_neu.t[2475]
no match for 'all'

noMatchForAllBut (actor)msg_neu.t[2481]
nothing left for 'all' after removing 'except' items

noMatchNotAware (actor, txt)msg_neu.t[2469]
no description available

singleObjectRequired (actor, txt)msg_neu.t[2516]
a unique object is required, but multiple objects were specified

uniqueObjectRequired (actor, txt, matchList)msg_neu.t[2509]
a unique object is required, but multiple objects were specified

wordIsUnknown (actor, txt)msg_neu.t[2542]
tell the user they entered a word we don't know

zeroQuantity (actor, txt)msg_neu.t[2495]
'take zero books'

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