Deferred NPC messages. We use this to report deferred messages from an NPC to the player. A message is deferred when a parsing error occurs, but the NPC can't talk to the player because there's no sense path to the player. When this happens, the NPC queues the message for eventual delivery; when a sense path appears later that lets the NPC talk to the player, we deliver the message through this object. Since these messages describe conditions that occurred in the past, we use the past tense to phrase the messages.

This default implementation simply doesn't report deferred errors at all. The default message voice is the parser/narrator character, and there is simply no good way for the parser/narrator to say that a command failed in the past for a given character: "Bob looks like he didn't know which box you meant" just doesn't work. So, we'll simply not report these errors at all.

To report messages in the NPC's voice directly, modify the NPC's Actor object, or the Actor base class, to return npcDeferredMessagesDirect rather than this object from getParserMessageObj().

npcDeferredMessages :   object

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