A StorageServerError is thrown when a file operation on a remote storage server fails. The storage server is used when the game runs on a Web game server in client/server mode. In Web mode, files are stored on a separate storage server rather than on the Web server itself, so that the files can be transparently accessed if the game is continued from another Web server. This exception is used when a request to the storage server fails, which could be due to an error on the storage server, a network error communicating between the game server and the storage server, or an invalid request (e.g., incorrect user credentials).

class StorageServerError :   RuntimeError

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errCode  errMsg 

Inherited from RuntimeError :
errno_  exceptionMessage  stack_ 

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construct  displayException 

Inherited from RuntimeError :
isDebuggerSignal  newRuntimeError 

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getExceptionMessage  showStackTrace 



the storage server error code

error message - this is the message text we get back from the storage server for a request that's successful at the HTTP level but fails on the storage server, OR a message describing the HTTP error or network error that caused the request to fail


construct (errno, msg)OVERRIDDEN_main.t[890]

no description available

displayException ( )OVERRIDDEN_main.t[949]
display the exception

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