CompassDirectionclasstravel.t[110], en_us.t[3072]

The base class for compass directions (north, south, etc). We don't add anything to the basic Direction class, but we use a separate class for compass directions to allow language-specific customizations for all of the directions and to allow travel commands to treat these specially when needed.

Modified in en_us.t[3072]:
The English-specific modifications for compass directions.

class CompassDirection :   Direction

Superclass Tree   (in declaration order)


Subclass Tree  


Global Objects  

eastDirection  northDirection  northeastDirection  northwestDirection  southDirection  southeastDirection  southwestDirection  westDirection 

Summary of Properties  

Inherited from Direction :
allDirections  dirProp  sortingOrder 

Summary of Methods  

sayArriving  sayDeparting 

Inherited from Direction :
defaultConnector  initializeDirection  initializeDirectionClass 




sayArriving (traveler)OVERRIDDENen_us.t[3074]

describe a traveler arriving from this direction

sayDeparting (traveler)OVERRIDDENen_us.t[3081]
describe a traveler departing in this direction

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