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This header defines some macros for the standard tokenizer class.

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getTokOrig  getTokType  getTokVal  tokRuleName  tokRulePat  tokRuleTest  tokRuleType  tokRuleVal 

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getTokOrig (tok)tok.h[40]

Get the token's original text. This is the original text matched from the tokenized string.

getTokType (tok)tok.h[34]
Get the token type. This is a token enum value describing the type of the token.

getTokVal (tok)tok.h[28]
Get the token value. This is the parsed representation of the token; in most cases, this is simply the text of the original token, although it might be converted in some way (words are usually converted to lower-case, for example).

tokRuleName (rule)tok.h[48]
Some internal convenience macros. (These are meant for internal use within the tokenizer class, rather than for client code, but we define them here because they're also useful for subclasses of the standard tokenizer.)

tokRulePat (rule)tok.h[49]
no description available

tokRuleTest (rule)tok.h[52]
no description available

tokRuleType (rule)tok.h[50]
no description available

tokRuleVal (rule)tok.h[51]
no description available





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